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The Natura of Canada Greenspring Mattresses.

Hi Pete,

I recently found your blog where in several articles you recommended The Natura of Canada Greenspring Mattresses and provided links such as:

  Saturday, September 24, 2022
  Natura Greenspring Plush Mattress is a WOW!
However when I click on the link I get a Web Page saying:
Oops…, I cannot find that page you are looking for, sorry… (Error 404)
Also under Home -> Our Brands I see only see Wolf and Suite Sleep …
Are the Natura of Canada Greenspring products no longer available?
Sincerely, John

Hi John,

We just recently had to pull that manufacturer from our website.
For the past couple months, or so, mattresses have been showing up to my customer’s homes covered in mold spots.
It took a couple of months to pin down the problem…a problem for which there is no current solution.
The mattresses, certainly, weren’t shipped that way and had never been a problem previously.
So, if you’re able to find them through a local vendor, they still come with my recommendation.
The problem turned out, as I originally suspected.
The mattresses have been slow to move, once shipped to the US.
From there, the price of diesel fuel is causing the mattresses to spend too much time at the primary shipper’s warehouse, where I’m sure the source of the problem originated.
I was sorry to have to give them up. They make a great product.
This mold issue was simply unacceptable.
The replacement mattresses were delivered in the same moldy condition.
I had to refund everyone’s money.
Some of those customers opted for the next best option, which is not available with white glove delivery…
The Wolf Jessica Mattress and a 3” Soft Suite Sleep Latex Mattress Topper.
These arrive via UPS/FedEx…and take less time to arrive.
The end results are the same…excellent support, comfort and longevity.
But, without white glove delivery, it requires some effort on your part.
If you’re interested, here are links where you can view those products.

Shipping is free


Thanks, Pete 

You Should Know 
Using an old box spring to support any new mattress will cause premature wear and void the manufacturer’s warranty.
A waterproof mattress protector will extend the life of a mattress by keeping the upholstery materials clean and dry.

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