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I was referred to you by a friend of mine, who loves the mattress they bought from you.

Sean writes:
Hello Pete,

I was referred to you by a friend of mine, who loves the mattress they bought from you. 
My wife and I are in the market for a new king size mattress.
I sleep on my back 100% of the time. I’m 5′ 10″, 210 lbs.
My wife is a side/stomach sleeper. She’s 5′ 6″, 160 lbs.
We hate being hot when we sleep. We hate mattresses that sag after a couple/few years.
We’re looking for help finding a good fit.
Thank you, Sean
Hi Sean,
The product that causes you to sink and sleep hot, is memory foam.
Over its 23 year history, memory foam has proven to be the worst upholstery material ever invented.
All of the name brands and most other brands use memory foam.
Memory foam is specially designed to cause a mattress to need frequent replacing.
What’s worse is that is sleeps hot and off gasses the toxic chemicals from which it’s made.

When buying a mattress, it’s imperative to avoid mattresses made with memory foam.

My recommendation is The Brolynn Old Fashioned Two Sided Mattress in Plush.
The individually pocketed coils are made of heavy gauge, double tempered steel.
This coil design maintains the natural alignment of your spine, which relieves back pain.
It also greatly reduces motion transfer, so you don’t disturb each other when you move in the mattress.
What’s more, there is NO Memory Foam in this mattress. 
The Upholstery is Natural, Plant Based Poly Foam, which does not sleep hot, is comfortable and durable.
Click on this link to view specifications and pricing:
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Thanks, Pete 

You Should Know 
Using an old box spring to support any new mattress will cause premature wear and void the manufacturer’s warranty.
A waterproof mattress protector will extend the life of a mattress by keeping the upholstery materials clean and dry.

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