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I’m replacing a very old Sealy Posturepedic two sided mattress.

Dan writes:
HI Pete,

I’m replacing a very old Sealy Posturepedic two sided mattress.
Initially, I figured that I would just go out and buy another Sealy Posturepedic.
When I got to the store, I noticed that they are one sided.
Also, the sales person said that the way they are made is different.
So, I decided to go home and do a little research, which is how I found you.
After reading many of your blog posts, concerning Sealy mattresses, I learned that I shouldn’t buy one.
I see that Sealy is now owned by Tempurpedic and all of the Sealy mattresses have memory foam in them.
After doing some more reading about memory foam, also on your blog, I know I don’t want memory foam.
At the store, they said their mattresses have memory foam, but they made it sound like a good thing.
Thanks to you, I’ve learned that memory foam wears poorly and that it’s a health hazard.
Thanks to you, I know enough to avoid all that chemical off gassing.
It’s funny, by the time I left the store, I had a headache, which went away in about an hour.
I didn’t think anything of it, at the time, but now know it was the exposure to memory foam that caused it.
So, now, I’m asking for a recommendation.
I’m looking for an old fashioned two sided mattress.
Do you have anything like my old Sealy Posturepedic?
Thanks, Dan
Hi Dan,
We do, indeed, have what you want.
The Brolynn, Old-Fashioned Two-Sided Mattress is available in your choice of Plush or Firm.
The plush is not too soft and the firm is not too hard.
We have sold tons of these mattresses, over the past 9 years…with zero complaints.
This is an excellent quality mattress….with no memory foam and no off gassing.
Click on this link to view specifications and pricing:

Shipping is free

Thanks, Pete 

You Should Know 
Using an old box spring to support any new mattress will cause premature wear and void the manufacturer’s warranty.
A waterproof mattress protector will extend the life of a mattress by keeping the upholstery materials clean and dry.

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