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Marriott Hotel mattress was amazing.

Kirk writes:

Hi Pete,

I recently stayed at a Marriott Hotel, and the mattress was amazing.
I looked to find that it is a Simmons Beautyrest, Hyde Park, plush.
Upon reading a review of yours, you said that that mattress is not made for home use. It also appears that you don’t sell this on your website. Is there a better alternative?
I live in the Dominican Republic, so my options are limited, and to be honest, will probably not be able to purchase from you. However, I would really like your unbiased opinion of what Serra mattress you would recommend.
Thank you, Kirk
Hi Kirk,

The key to a successful purchase is in finding a mattress with no memory foam.
All of the name brand mattresses, offered in the US, are upholstered with memory foam…none, of which, are worth buying.
Try to find a local manufacturer, someone not using memory foam upholstery.


Thanks, Pete
Use an old box spring/foundation with any new mattress.
Doing so voids the warranty of the mattress.
Use a waterproof mattress protector.
Your new mattress will last longer if kept clean and dry.
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