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Memory foam mattress makes my back pain worse.

William writes:

Hi Pete,

I’m convinced that my memory foam mattress makes my back pain worse.
The salesman told me that it would relieve my back pain.
It was good for the first couple of months, but I have more pain than before.
I was so sold on this, but after doing some research, not anymore.
I can exchange the mattress for something else, but everything in the store has memory foam in it. I feel like I’ve been had!
What mattress do you have that will relieve my back pain on a long term basis?
I like some firmness and some comfort too.
I’d like a mattress that won’t let me sink.
I need you sage advice.
Thanks, William
Hi William,
I’m sorry that you learned about memory foam and comfort guarantees the hard way.
Most people will do their research only after a bad experience, so you’re not alone.
Following the advertising and sales hype almost always ends badly.
An good, strong individually pocketed coil mattress will relieve your back pain.
And, if that mattress has NO Memory Foam in it, that result will be long term.
The Brolynn Old Fashioned Two Sided Mattress in Plush is my recommendation.
The individually pocketed coils are made of heavy gauge, double tempered steel.
The support is quite firm. The upholstery is natural, plant based polyurethane foam.
You’ll find it has excellent surface comfort that doesn’t allow you to sink.
It doesn’t sleep hot and there’s no chemical off gassing.
Click on this link to view specifications and prices.
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Thanks, Pete
Use an old box spring/foundation with any new mattress.
Doing so voids the warranty of the mattress.
Use a waterproof mattress protector.
Your new mattress will last longer if kept clean and dry.
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