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Frequent Headaches on a Sealy Posturepedic Mattress.

Rosa writes:
Hi Pete,

I recently purchased a Sealy Posturepedic Mattress.
I have been experiencing frequent headaches ever since it arrived.
Has anyone experienced headaches after sleeping on a gel memory foam mattress?:
Thanks, Rosa
Hi Rosa,
Yes. Headache is the most common negative side effect of a memory foam mattress.
Memory foam consists of 61 different chemicals, some of which are highly toxic….carcinogenic.
It’s the off gassing of those toxic chemicals that is causing your headaches.
These toxic chemical gasses attack your respiratory system.
Sinus headache is the most common, but not the most serious side effect.
Bleeding sinuses is among the worst I’ve encountered.
Memory foam wears poorly, for extra measure.
You would do well to rid yourself of that mattress.

Replace it with a mattress that has NO Memory Foam in it.

Here is a selection of mattresses with NO Memory Foam in them.
Wolf Brolynn Two Sided Mattress
Shipping is Free.
Thanks, Pete 

You Should Know 
Using an old box spring to support any new mattress will cause premature wear and void the manufacturer’s warranty.
A waterproof mattress protector will extend the life of a mattress by keeping the upholstery materials clean and dry.

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