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What’s the best all foam mattress?

Lillian writes:
Hi Pete,
What’s the best all foam mattress?
I keep buying the ones they advertise.
I love them, at first,, but have not been satisfied with them longer than a couple of years.
I can’t afford to keep buying a new mattress so often. I want one that will last for many years.
Can you help me figure this out and make some recommendations?
Thanks, Lillian
Hi Lillian,
The ones that are heavily advertised are usually memory foam, crappy memory foam that are designed to need frequent replacing.
That advertising costs a lot of money, and is designed to entice you to buy.
Rule of Thumb, avoid anything that’s heavily advertised…you’re paying for that advertising.
There are, basically, three types of foams used in mattress manufacturing…Latex, Polyurethane, and Memory.
After your experience, it may be hard to believe that there is a good memory foam mattress out there.
Most of them are loaded with chemicals that off gas, sleep hot and wear quickly.
There is one brand that does none of those things…chemical free, cool sleeping and long lasting.
That brands is Magniflex, made in Italy. 
Never heard of them?…Good? What you pay will be for the quality that’s in their mattresses.
These mattresses provide that cradling, cozy feel that you like about memory foam, but won’t quit on you after a couple/few years.
These mattresses come with a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty.
The offer a wide selection…Show Here:
The best of the foams is and has been Latex…true for the last 100 years.
High quality latex, (not made in China), is extremely long lasting.
The feel of latex is different from memory foam. It’s cushy, but more resilient.
The feel is that you’re floating….more on it than in it.
We carry two lines of all natural latex mattresses…with none of their components coming from China.
Natura of Canada:
Suite Sleep Organic, made in Colorado.
All Polyurethane mattresses are the least expensive and very hard to find.
Natura of Canada makes Hybrid mattresses, Poly Foam Core with Latex Comfort Layers.
Shown Here:
These represent The Best of the Foam Mattresses.
The Natura of Canada Mattresses come with White Glove Delivery.
The Magniflex and Suite Sleep Mattresses arrive via UPS/FedEx.
Delivery/Shipping is Free.
Thanks, Pete 

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