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Old Stearns and Foster Dunkirk Luxury Firm Mattress replacement.

Dave writes:
Hi Pete,

I’m following-up on an Old Stearns and Foster Dunkirk Luxury Firm Mattress replacement.
We saw you recommended: Natura Greenspring Liberta Luxury Firm Mattress
Can you amplify on the comparison to my old S&F? 
We would really just like to buy another Dunkirk, but that’s not possible.
It’s going to be hard to convince me that anything else will come close.
If you do manage to convince me to buy this mattress, how long will it take to arrive?
We are really lost here. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Thanks, Dave
Hi David,

I’m sorry, but I don’t see it as my job to convince you of anything or to talk you into buying.
(This personal point of view used to drive my bosses nuts…back when I had bosses).
I provide information, advice and opportunity.
The rest is up to you.
The specifications of the Natura of Canada Greenspring Mattresses exceed those of the old S&F.
Due to the more resilient upholstery materials used in the Greenspring mattresses, the Plush model will feel more like the S&F Luxury Firm. The Greenspring Luxury Firm model will provide a firmer feel than what you’re used to.

Keep in mind that the recommendation will feel much like your mattress felt when it was new.

That is likely to be somewhat different from how you remember it feeling last time you slept in it.
Click on this link to view The Natura of Canada Greenspring Line of Mattresses:
Natura of Canada Liberta mattress
White Glove Delivery is Free.
Typical delivery wait time is approximately 4 weeks
Thanks, Pete 

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