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Mattress advice to a pregnant woman in her 3rd trimester.

Gwen writes:
Hi Pete, 

Love your blog, and your no-nonsense style.
I’ve definitely learned a lot from your feedback to others and information posted on your site. 
I’m looking for your advice to a pregnant women in her 3rd trimester.
11 yrs. ago, I purchased a Sealy SpringFree Latex Mattress. 
It was only used by myself, a 125 lb. female, for the first few years.
So from my perspective, it still has some supportive life left in it. 
My husband is roughly 175-180lbs and as he is thinking that it may be a time for a new sleep surface. 
If I share some more info about us, could you share your feedback and recommendations to help guide our next mattress purchase? 
I’m regularly ~125lbs (currently in the final 3 weeks of pregnancy so a bit more than that now), and like to sleep on my side and back. I wear custom orthotics, have some early signs of arthritis in my low, low back thanks to my desk job, and I have had hip surgery. 
So, if I get uncomfortable while sleeping (I tend to use a knee pillow and that typically minimizes or eliminates that), my hips and low back are my sensitive spots. 
I usually like a medium firm mattress, and appreciate having the ability to customize it a bit in terms of softness. Not sure if that would rule out an all latex mattress for us or not. 
I’m 41, and he’s 42. 
He’s a math teacher/basketball coach, and he does a treadmill run a few times a week. 
My husband is roughly 175-180lbs, and likes to sleep on his side.
He’s historically been told his posture is terrible, and even with a good chiropractor, he tends to default into a little tilt to one side. Over the last few years he’s injured both shoulders, and recently that has been extending pain into various spots along his back. 
He’s due to see the orthopedist, so while that visit may help, good support in our next mattress will definitely be particularly important for him going forward. 
Look forward to your thoughts! 
Thanks, Gwen 
Good Morning Gwen,

I wonder if now is a good time to make this change.
His shoulders aside, the mattress you have should be ok for his back.
He doesn’t have a desk job and he’s fairly young.
My greater concern is for you.
Being pregnant, your body shape is continually changing.
What may be comfortable now, may not be so after your pregnancy and visa versa.
I think you should continue to make yourself as comfortable as possible.
Wait awhile after you’ve given birth a see how you both feel then.
Given that you have a desk job, the discs in your spine will soon begin to wear.
A half hour walk each day will help to stave that off…advice from my chiropractor.
At your ages, I would lean to a somewhat firm mattress using an individually pocketed coil system and softening the surface with a topper. But again, I believe it to be prudent for you to wait until your body returns to normal.
A latex mattress will often live a double life.
The flip side of that one sided mattress is perfectly usable…and noticeably firmer.
Quite often, adding a soft topper to the flip side creates a whole new bed, and allows the owner to put off a new mattress purchase for a number of years.

I think that’s the best bet, Pete.

Thanks for the encouragement to wait it out, rather than jump into a decision while things are physically in flux. Look forward to being back in touch a few months down the road! 
Happy Spring,


Thanks, Pete 

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