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Experiencing neuropathy issues on a Tempur-pedic mattress.

Matt writes:
Hi Pete,
We have been sleeping on a Tempur-pedic mattress for about a year now. 
I tend to sleep on my left side more often than not.  
I have been experiencing neuropathy issues. 
My left hand to my ulnar nerve, and I now have pain in my pinky finger and half of my ring finger. 
I attribute these issues to our new mattress. 
Can you please recommend a mattress topper that will take the pressure off of my shoulder and elbow and also stand up to years of use. Ideally, not too expensive.  
This bleeping mattress was over $2000! 
Many thanks! Matt 
Hi Matt,
It’s the memory foam on top of your mattress causing the problem.
That memory foam is temperature sensitive…softening as it warms from your body heat…allowing your torso to sink, but not your extremities…which most often causes numbness in the arms and hands.
The flip side of your mattress is high density poly foam, which is not temperature sensitive…and noticeably firmer.
If used on the top side of the mattress, these toppers will insulate you from the memory foam.
If used on the flip side, it will provide surface comfort.
I recommend trying it on each side and going with whichever feels better.
These Magniflex Mattress Toppers will do the job at a reasonable price.


Thanks, Pete 

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