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Hotel Grade Sealy Posturpedic Plush Pillowtop Mattress.

Mike writes:

Hi Pete

I saw your reply about the Hotel Grade Sealy Posturpedic Plush Pillowtop Mattress. 

My wife and I had a similar good experience at the Caesars Windsor hotel, last week. 

It was a Sealy Encore, but I’m not sure if it was a pillowtop, it may have been a regular mattress only. 

It was the best 3 nights of sleep we have had in years.


We are both 56 yrs. old, I’m 5 ft 6 and my wife is 5ft 5. Both weigh about 185 lbs.

I wake to aches and pains every morning but that is probably just age.

So now, we are shopping for a new bed.


Our existing bed is 23 yrs old! It is a royal mattress brand, a king size super plush flippable pocket coil and was great for many years. Our current box spring is made up of 2 twins as it is not possible to get the single king base up our staircase. I’m guessing the box spring set needs replacement too? The box spring sits on a steel frame about 6” off the ground. Total bed height is about 23” which is perfect for us.


Would you advise what is best for us? 

I do have back problems and see my chiropractor every other week. We live in Ontario Canada.

We are both side sleepers but roll around a lot. I also wake frequently but suspect the bed is part of the reason. We do not mind paying for a good result but we probably can’t afford a full latex mattress. 

I was hoping to stick to a budget of about $3k if at all possible.


Good Morning Mike,

An all-foam mattress, even all latex, won’t provide the pushback support your back requires.
So, that’s not an expense you need to worry about.
The pillowtop part of a pillowtop mattress is the first thing to wear, and it wears quickly, so that’s not a good
long-term solution.
The Natura of Canada Greenspring is the best we found while shopping at the industry trade shows.
It’s what we use at home.
Ours is now 9 years old and still in like new condition, despite each of us weighing more than 200 lbs.
Their ultra plush model is the most comfortable, without being too soft.
It’s what I recommend for you.
The foundation is available in low profile, 5” high, which will keep you at about the same height you have now…24.5” total height. You will, indeed, need to replace your boxspring, as well.
Click on this link to view specifications and pricing for that mattress.
Delivery is Free.

Thanks, Pete 

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