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My latex mattress topper didn’t wear well.

Marv writes:
Hi Pete,
I followed your advice and got a latex topper to soften our mattress, which was too firm.
My latex mattress topper didn’t wear well. it lasted less than a year.
Did I do something wrong, or was that bad advice?
Hi Marv,
Nothing wrong with my advice.
What went wrong is that you didn’t fully follow that advice.
The advice would have included a link to the high-quality latex toppers on our website.
My guess is that you shopped for a cheaper latex topper, of which there are many, and opted to save some money.
Cheap latex is made in China, where they use clay as a filler.
Clay is a natural, organic material, which allows them to be sold as “all-natural and “organic”.
The Suite Sleep Latex Mattress Toppers on our website are “Pure” Latex…no fillers.
And while more expensive to purchase, they are much less expensive to use, as they last for many years.
Here is a link to the Suite Sleep Latex Toppers…the purest, highest quality latex on the market.
FedEx Shipping is Free.
Thanks, Pete
Hi Pete,
That’s exactly what happened. I didn’t think that there’d be a difference.
I’ll be placing my order today.
Thanks again, Marv
Hi Marv,
My grandfather had a saying he used when shopping. “Solo il meglio”…meaning, “Only the best”.
It’s as typical now, as it has been forever, quality is often less expensive in the long run.
Thanks, Pete 

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