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I want an old fashioned cotton and springs filled mattress.

Liz writes:

Hi Pete,

I want an old fashioned cotton and springs filled mattress.  
I looked online and finally I found you, someone who gets it.  
I recently purchased a bed in a box and slept on it for two days and I am still paying for that.  
They refunded my money telling me they are not allowed to take it back.  
I saw pricing on your site that was around $999 for what I need.  
Do you pick up the old mattress?  
Please email me here so that I can get the details.  
Also, on the site I think shipping was included but I could not find those pages again.  
Let me know and how long it takes to receive it and I appreciate your time.  
I hope this is the cotton old fashioned kind of mattress I am used to, not the roll up one.  
Thanks, Liz
Hi Liz,
I’m sorry, what I have uses plant based polyethylene foam with a little cotton in the quilt.
What you’re asking for is VERY Old Fashioned, going back more than 50 years.
Back then, the available coil units were:
Individually Pocketed Coils from Simmons and Bonnell Interlocking Coils from everyone else.
The upholstery was cotton batting with an insulator pad made of coconut fiber/boars hair/horse hair…depending on how far back you go….starting about 100 years ago.
The type of mattress you want is still being made, but is now extraordinarily expensive.

A Swedish import, I believe.

Thanks, Pete 

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