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I see why we’ve gone through several mattresses in only a few years.

Charles writes:
Hi Pete,

My wife and I are very large people…about 275 lbs., each.
After reading your blog posts, I see why we’ve gone through several mattresses in only a few years.
And while I need your help, my wife is stuck on being able to try a mattress before buying it.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Charles
Hi Charles,

The first thing to address is your wife’s need to try before you buy.
It’s an old practice that now works against you, because of the memory foam.
Only memory foam is temperature sensitive.
It softens as it warms from your body heat…allowing you to sink into the mattress.
When trying a memory foam upholstered mattress at a store, you don’t get the full effect of that product.
You try it fully dressed and for only a few minutes.
How the mattress feels at the store, won’t feel the same the very first night you sleep on it.
Memory foam is meant to be, and is, highly deceptive.
Most stores make you keep it 30, 60 or 90 days before allowing an exchange.
They usually charge an exchange/restocking fee.
And since the store only carries mattresses upholstered with memory foam, the experience repeats over again.
Most mattress manufacturers do not participate in this exchange policy.
When a store makes an exchange, the mattress that’s returned goes back into stock…hence the restocking fee.
As illegal as it is, many used/returned mattresses are sold as new.
There is no one policing this industry.
Weighing 275 lbs each, even the best of mattresses will wear too soon.
My recommendation is to get a strong firm mattress and soften it with a separate latex topper that can be replaced over the years without having to replace the mattress.
The best mattress is the Natura of Canada Greenspring in Firm.
Click on this link to view specifications and prices.
Latex Innerspring Mattress
Soften the surface of either mattress with a soft/medium soft latex mattress topper.
The best is the Suite Sleep Organic Latex Mattress Topper.
Shown here:
This sleep system combination will provide you the support, comfort and longevity you’re looking for.
The Natura mattress comes with white glove delivery.
The latex topper ship via FedEx.
Delivery is free.
Thanks, Pete 

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