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My husband sleeps with a CPAP machine.

Kathy writes:
Hi Pete,
My husband sleeps with a CPAP machine and it’s better if he is propped up a bit.  
What are the options for beds that adjust to raise the head, if I want to sleep flat?  
It always seemed weird to me to have a split bed and I also wondered how sheets actually go on these beds without ripping.  Your advice would be appreciated. 
Thanks, Kathy
Hi Kathy,

Your best option, to achieve both, is a full length bed wedge.
I found this one, available from Overstock.com:
The above link is to show you what will work, and we are not necessarily recommending that particular model.
Many such items are available, online, in a variety of heights.
We don’t have them available on our website.
Thanks, Pete 

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