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What’s the best memory foam mattress?

Gail writes:

Hi Pete,
What’s the best memory foam mattress?
Thanks, Gail
Hi Gail,
Almost all mattresses that are made with memory foam have 2 problems:
Temperature sensitivity and being processed with 61 different chemicals.
The temperature sensitivity; (warming when reacting to your body heat), creates 2 problems…Sleeping hot when reflecting your body heat back to you…and premature wear from not being resilient enough to last very long.
Those 61 chemicals include some that are so toxic, they should be illegal. They off gas, creating a health hazard.
There is some memory foam that are plant based. They don’t off gas but are still temperature sensitive.
There is one that is the best, which is NOT Temperature Sensitive and Chemical Free.
It’s an Advanced Memory Foam Alternative, called MemoForm…produced by Magniflex, an Italian Company.
They have a wide variety of mattresses, from which to choose….The Best, by far.
Here is a link to the Magniflex line of Mattresses:
Shipping is Free throughout the US.
Thanks, Pete 

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