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A Cool Topper for a Stearns and Foster Mattress.

Deardra writes:
Hi Pete,

We purchased a Stearns and Foster Camdenhurst Luxury Plush Mattress set from you, many years ago. 
It is too firm for me now, and just ok for my husband.  
We were wondering, would a mattress topper give us the little extra comfort we need?
We are both side and back sleepers.

I have hot flashes and need relief, so I need it to sleep cool.  
Thanks, Deardra
Hi Deardra,
The Camdenhurst was a lower end S&F mattress.
The lower end of the line held very well. So, I’m not surprised that you still have it.
Since there was less upholstery, using the same strong support system, they tended to outlast the high-end models.
A Mattress Topper will do more than provide a wonderful sleeping surface.
It will absorb some to all of your body weight, which further preserves the life of the mattress. 
We have a mattress topper that will give you both, a Touch of Luxury & Sleep Cool.
My recommendation is for The MagniFlex MagniCool Mattress Topper.
Click on this link to view that topper.
Memory foam alternative mattress topper

Shipping is free

Thanks, Pete 

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