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Sealy Posturepedic Dante Park Plush Mattress.

Izzy writes:
Hi Pete,
My friend gave me a Sealy Posturepedic Dante Park Plush Mattress that she didn’t need. 
It is amazingly comfortable. It is well covered up, with a mattress protector & 2 mattress pads. 
I took it all off to see the label but can’t tell if it is a pillow top or not, and can’t remember. 
I now need 2 twin xl mattresses for an adjustable base.
I’m considering ordering that, which I believe is now called the Dantely EPT firm, according to a Sealy rep at the furniture store. 
Was the Dante Park a firm bc I typically don’t like firm but that mattress is very comfy. 
Big decision! 
Thanks, Izzy
Hi Izzy,
That’s a very bad choice, if you’re looking for something similar to the Dante Park.
Sealy doesn’t make anything close to that old Dante Park.
Sealy isn’t even Sealy anymore. They were purchased by Tempurpedic.
Your Dante Park wasn’t upholstered with memory foam.
The new one will be and you’ll hate it.
Today’s salespeople are trained to close the sale…as opposed to salespeople from my day, who were trained to know their products and assist customers select the mattress that was right for their specific needs.
Today’s salespeople will say anything…truth be damned.
Not only is memory foam the worst upholstery material ever invented,
Sealy doesn’t even make the coil system used in that old Dante Park.
We had been a Sealy/S&F retailer for many years, prior to Tempurpedic buying those brands.
We stopped selling those brands after they were sold.
Thanks, Pete 

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