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Guest bedroom mattresses with NO Memory Foam.

Tammy writes:
Hi Pete,

We’re having company over, and need new guest bedroom mattresses within a couple of weeks.
I couldn’t figure out why our mattresses were wearing so quickly until I found your blog.
That’s where I learned that it’s the memory foam causing all the problems.
We want mattresses with NO Memory Foam in them.
What do you recommend?
Thanks, Tammy
Hi Tammy,
We carry a number of mattresses that have NO Memory Foam in them that ship quickly.
The Thomasville Artisan Collection Franklin Mattress is ideal for a guest bedroom.
This mattress uses the same materials found in many hotel mattresses…and doesn’t cost a lot.
The individually pocketed coils maintain the natural alignment of the spine.
The polyurethane upholstery provides a medium feel that isn’t too firm nor too soft.
Only one caveat with this mattress. Your guest may not want to leave.
Click on this link to view that mattress:
Shipping is Free.
Thanks, Pete 

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