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Our older innerspring mattress is too firm.

Marie writes:
Hi Pete,
Our older innerspring mattress is too firm. It’s on a box spring and metal frame. 
Would a platform bed with the box spring offer more support than a basic metal frame? 
Will it also feel softer than just having it on the box spring?
Thanks, Marie
Hi Marie,

What you’re suggesting is a waste of money.

Your box spring on a platform bed will not change the feel of the mattress.
Also, it will likely make the mattress too high.
Switching to a platform bed, minus your box spring, isn’t likely to make much of a change in the feel of your mattress, either.
To make a too-firm mattress comfortable, the best product is a soft mattress topper.
This will supply the surface comfort you want without negating the underlying support of the mattress.
Here’s a link to our Sleep and Beyond myWooly Latex Topper which uses high-quality organic materials.
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Thanks, Pete 

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