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Sealy Reflexion Cape Spencer Latex Mattress.

Jen writes:
Hello Peter,
I came across a new, in plastic, Sealy Reflexion Cape Spencer Latex Mattress. 
I would like to get rid of it, but have no idea what it’s worth since I can’t seem to find one like it online. 
It’s a king size… Could you please help me?
Thank you, Jen
Hi Jen,
That mattress hasn’t been made for, at least, a decade.
If the plastic bag that the mattress is in, has been taped closed, it’s been used.
A ‘New” mattress is in plastic that is heat sealed on all four sides.
That’s a Local News Paper, Craig’s List, EBay sort of item.
There’s no market for it, other than what someone’s willing to pay.
I would look for a similar item on those venues to see what you can expect to get.
Thanks, Pete 

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