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Which mattress is better, Thomasville Franklin or the Williams Co. York?

Sue writes:
Hi Pete,

Which mattress is better, the Thomasville Franklin or the Williams Co. York? 
If the latex won’t make me hot is the York a better option? 
Are they both “hybrids”?
Thanks, Sue
Hi Sue,
“Hybrids” have gotten a bad name. 
It’s a relatively new word, more commonly associated with mattresses that have memory foam.
Mattresses, traditionally, have been a combination of coils and padding.
With Latex being the all-time best of the upholstery materials in terms of longest lasting surface comfort,
The Williams Co. York is far superior to the Thomasville Franklin, which is upholstered with poly foam.
Here’s a link to the Thomasville Franklin Mattress:
Here’s a link to the Williams Co. York Mattress:.

Williams Co. Mattress

Williams Co. Mattress Coils

The Franklin mattress ships via UPS.

The York mattress comes with white glove delivery, which includes setup in your bedroom and all packaging materials removed.

Either way, Delivery is Free.

Thanks, Pete 

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