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WELCOME TO: The Mattress Expert
These days, it isn’t enough for us to simply know our product. We, at The Mattress Expert, are also trained in the science of sleep, and knowing which mattress gives the best support to ease your particular back ailment or other source of discomfort. Chronic ailments, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, edema and hiatal hernia cannot be cured with a new mattress, but the right sleep system can be instrumental in reducing pain & providing comfort to the sufferer. To simply say that a mattress is good for a bad back is not enough. A bad back may be caused by a degenerating disc. It may be caused by a torn, strained, or weak muscles. You may have scoliosis, which is treated differently.. Different coil systems support differently. Knowing which sleep system is best for each ailment or combination of ailments is what sets our staff apart from every other mattress store….anywhere in the country. Our resident expert has a background in engineering, a working knowledge of anatomy, and a comprehensive knowledge of the history of the mattress industry…along with a knowledge of how mattress components work and how they wear. This combined knowledge works in your favor, when recommending a sleep system that is tailored to your individual needs.


We had long since decided that our company must be better than the mega mattress chains and department stores. Here are just some of the differences you will find when shopping with us. Our goal is to get you into the mattress that is right for your needs. The advice that we offer is done so after listening to what you tell us, asking the important questions, and using our knowledge to suggest a sleep system that will best suit you. Our staff is not paid on a commission basis. We do not receive incentive money from the manufacturers. Here, value for your dollar, long lasting support & comfort, quality of sleep, and the enhanced quality of life that the right mattress provides, are our primary concerns.


The best price is posted on the website…a true discounted price. We believe that everyone deserves the best price…not just those who are the best negotiators. Our everyday prices are typically lower than the competition’s holiday sale prices and negotiated prices. We never inflate our prices in order to create the illusion of a deal…as is the habit of mattress stores, in general.


The “Simmons Black” models are among the longest lasting of the one sided innerspring mattresses, offering a unique triple strand wire coil in every other row of their individually pocketed coils system. The famous “Simmons Beautyrest” models bring you contouring support, comfort and durability that out-perform any of the other “name brands” at that price range. 

We also have available, two-sided mattresses made by The Therapedic Company. These beds were designed by us to provide unparalleled durability. They are available in two different coil systems and in a choice of plush or firm. None of our two-side beds have memory foam or are available with pillowtops. For the utmost in luxurious comfort that will last through the years, add a 100% All-Natural Talalay Latex Topper to these, or any mattress. A Simmons Black Beautyrest with a 2″ soft Latex Foam Mattress Topper, is what we sleep on at home.

Since the 1920’s, Latex has been the best upholstery material you can buy…anywhere on the planet. If you are contemplating a memory foam mattress, go with a latex mattress instead. Not only will latex out-perform and out-last memory by quite a bit, it’s all natural and chemical free. It sleeps cool, while memory foam sleeps hot. Latex provides a unique “zero gravity” feel that relieves all the pressure points and provides total muscular relaxation for a deep night’s sleep and that “Get up and go” feeling in the morning. (For Our Canadian Customers)


Our Customer Service is Key. Should you have a warranty claim with any of our products, you won’t have to call several times or be left on your own to deal directly with the factory to get your problem fixed. Call the number on your receipt Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm. To expedite your service, please have your sales receipt handy when you call. 


We encourage you to shop and provide all the information you need to do so effectively…despite the mattress industry’s efforts to make shopping difficult. We guarantee that the price we quote you will be lower than any advertised price, or we will make it so. We have been in this business for more than thirty five years and it has been our experience that there is no substitute for quality. Simmons Beautyrest,  and the Therapedic Double Sided mattresses are the best innerspring mattresses available…and we bring them to you for less. Latex foam mattresses out-perform and out-last any memory form mattress on the market…providing excellent support and luxurious comfort that has been “The Best You Can Buy”, for nearly 100 years. 


Sleep Well – Live Better

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