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Exchanging a Serta icomfort Memory Foam Mattress.

Anna writes: Hi Pete, I’ve been reading your website and am impressed with your answers to people.  We bought a Serta Icomfort memory foam mattress from a local store about 45 days ago.  We have not slept at all. We had a firm Tempurpedic in the past […]

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A Mattress for Plus Size People with Back Problems.

Shelly writes: Hi Pete, We are plus size people. I am a female weighing 215 and 5’8″ tall. My husband is 5’10 and weighs about 205. I have had surgery to replace C5/6 and have mid and lower back problems as well. I need help.  I wake up in pain […]

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New mattress vs latex topper for a memory foam hospital bed.

Ruby writes: Hi Pete, My 135 pound husband has a drive medical hospital bed 36″ X 80″.  The mattress given with the bed was memory foam.  The problem we’re having is that every morning his bottom has imprinted itself in the mattress, creating a hole that he can’t climb out […]

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A Latex Mattress is Best for use on an Adjustable Bed Base.

Well Pete,  I trust your expertise on the advice about using a latex mattress on our adjustable bed bases. I can say from my own experience that we’ve been through two purchases of mattresses (Both Simmons Beautyrest) and have been disappointed in the life and performance with each.  We […]

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Back Pain from a Serta iComfort Memory Foam Mattress.

Galen writes: Hi Pete, I am in desperate need of help. I’ve been reading your website and now blog.  Basically, I am a 39 year old male who now weighs 220 lbs.  I have a Serta iComfort memory foam bed (boooo) that is at least six years old. […]

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Which Talalay Latex Topper for a Too Firm Mattress?

Michael writes: Hi Pete, We purchased a split king 10″ memory foam mattress from costco, which now sits on an adjustable bed frame. It is very hard and we need to have it give more.  We bought the combo as my wife (thin 5’4, 110#) has back/leg […]

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A Mattress for Back and Hip Pain, and a Pillow for Neck Pain.

Christine writes: Hi Pete, It’s difficult to make a decision….worse than buying a car. Salespeople at stores only want to sell you something….anything. Specs on myself & my husband. Me, I am 5’4″ 128 lbs. I have whiplash, in my neck between 5-7 lumbar. I also have facet joint syndrome […]

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Glideaway Freestyle Adjustable Bed Base for a Latex Mattress on a regular steel bed frame.

Daniel writes: Hi Pete,  Does the Glideaway Freestyle adjustable bed base fit inside a regular steel bed frame? Acting as a box spring?  Is it strong enough to handle the latex mattress that we bought from you?  Thanks, Daniel Hi Daniel,The video from Glideaway shows the Freestyle adjustable bed base […]

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Glideaway Tilt Bed Base and Mattress to Address Chronic Acid Reflux.

Marlene writes: Hi Pete, I bought my last mattress from you some years ago.  I’m moving to Florida for retirement in the fall, and I plan on getting a new bed and mattress set.   I have chronic acid reflux, and my current bed has blocks under […]

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Adjustable bed base for our mattress for sleep apnea.

Evelyn writes: Hi Pete, We are in the market for an adjustable bed base. My husband has sleep apnea and needs to sleep with his head elevated. The mattress we have is one that can be used with an adjustable bed, so we only need the base. We […]

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Pure Talalay Bliss Latex Mattresses.

Ken writes: Hi Pete, I’m in the market for an all latex mattress, and have been told that Pure Talalay Bliss makes the best. Is this true? What other brands are there, that you would recommend. Also, I want an adjustable bed base to go with it. […]

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A Mattress Recommendation to Relieve Back and Neck Pain.

Helayne writes: Hi Pete, Please Help! We haven’t slept well in 2 years. I was in an auto accident, which damaged my spine, ribs and neck. We were thinking that an adjustable bed base would help. We already have a platform bed that we like. Can it […]

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Mattress Advise for Large People.

Luis write: Hello Peter, My wife and I are in search of a replacement bed. Here is a bit of background information my wife 32 is a stomach sleeper, I am a side sleeper. We are both on the heavy side 200-250.  Our current mattress is a […]

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Glideaway “Tilt” Ascend Adjustable Bed Base for Sleep Apnea and a Natura Greenspring Pocketed Coil Mattress.

Christy writes: Hi Pete, I have read several of your Q&A’s on your website and would really appreciate your opinion.   We have a 3 year old Sealy (“AP 704 Cushion Firm”, according to the receipt). We are very disappointed with the body impressions and I think the body impressions […]

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Glideaway adjustable bed base with Tilt Feature & an EverEden all natural latex mattress.

Linda writes: Hi Pete, What adjustable bed frame and mattress would you recommend for us. My spouse weights 230 and is 5ft 9 inches tall. I am 180 and 5 ft. 5 inches.  He has sleep apnea and uses a machine. I have bursitis. Currently we use […]

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Glideaway Adjustable Bed Base for Sleep Apnea & Natura Greenspring Mattress for Herniated Disc.

Alex writes: Hi Pete, We’re in the market for a new mattress with an adjustable bed base. We like the idea of being able to sit up comfortably to watch TV. There are many to choose from and I’m hoping you can help us decide. We are […]

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Ever Eden Soft Latex Mattress for MS patient.

Linda writes: Hi Pete, Hoping you can help.   I need a mattress suitable to be used on an adjustable bed.  It also needs to accommodate a young man suffering from MS.   My research suggests a sleep surface that relieves the body’s pressure points.   Any assistance you can provide […]

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Top Quality Two-Sided Wolf Brooklyn Plush Mattress.

Melissa writes: Hi There Pete,I use to have a Sealy Posturepedic Strathmore 2 plush mattress, and loved it.  I still have it in my guestroom and it has help up great over 16 years.  We have an adjustable base now, and it was not advised to put this […]

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Sealy Posturepedic Reserve Mattress on an Adjustable Bed Base.

Barbara writes: Hi Pete, I’ve enjoyed looking around your site but was unable to find an answer to my question.  I have the Sealy Posturepedic Reserve mattress and am wondering if it will work on an adjustable bed base.  It is practically new as it has been in the guest […]

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Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Sleep Apnea, Very Big Man, Mattress Recommendation?

Pam writes: Hi Pete, Based on some of the other messages I’ve seen on your site, can you recommend a mattress for the following: Husband is a big man – 6’1″ 280 – 290; just a big person – hands, head etc.,he’s just a very big man. Me – […]

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Back Pain… an Adjustable Bed Base is not the answer.

Marisa writes: My husband has chronic back pain that has kept him sleeping in a recliner for the past 4 years. We finally bought an adjustable bed but we share the adjustment.  I have to sleep how he sleeps. I loved my flat bed, and never had a back problem. Since we […]

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Adjustable Bed Base and All Latex Mattress‏

Jeff writes: Hi Pete, I’m writing in regards to ordering an Adjustable bed base and mattress. I hear that an all Latex mattress is best for them. Is that so? I would like to know the price of each, how long they take to arrive in my […]

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FIRM mattress for large people on an adjustable bed base.

Melissa writes: Hoping for some help before we make another expensive mistake. My husband and I are both tall and large build individuals.  Two years ago my L5/S1 disc ruptured with surgery to follow.  We currently have an expensive bed that is WAY too soft purchased prior […]

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All Latex mattress to relieve the pain of MS (Multiple Sclerosis)‏

Bruce writes: My wife has M/S and we are on our 4th bed shopping experience. She gets neck and back pains. she is a side sleeper. We have tried sleep comfort, temperpedic, and a bamboo memory foam.  We are looking at a Sealy memory gel bed. Would you recommend this? […]

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Memorial Day Sales Event ~ Simmons Beautyrest FREE Boxspring/Foundation

Don’t miss out on the Simmons Beautyrest FREE Box Spring/Foundation Event! Going on now! May 22, 2013 ~ June 2, 2013 Remember… NO SALES TAX and FREE DELIVERY! Thanks, Questions? Call or E-mail 1-877-631-5490  

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