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I need a soft topper for a too firm mattress. I’m allergic to latex.

Alice writes: Hi Pete, I recently bought a mattress that is just too firm. I need a soft topper for it. I’m allergic to latex and can’t stand the chemical off gassing of memory foam. Do you have a suggestion for something I can use? Thanks, Alice […]

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A new mattress, side sleeper, allergic to latex.

Teresa writes: Hi Pete, I need a new mattress. I’m a side sleeper, like a firm bed, and I’m allergic to latex. Thanks, Teresa   Hi Teresa, People who are allergic to latex gloves and bandages are not usually allergic to latex foam. The latex foam process […]

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A Mattress for our vacation home.

Nadia writes: Hi Pete, My husband and I recently purchased a small cottage to use as a vacation home and airbnb.   We live in New Jersey and the home is in finger lakes region, NY. I want a mattress that will make everyone sleeping there feel […]

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A mattress to resolve my back/leg/hip/shoulder/neck pains.

Mandy writes: Hi Pete, I have followed your blog a bit and have gathered a lot of insightful information for my current situation. I still wanted to reach out to you for a mattress recommendation.   I’m a middle aged, heavy, (200 lbs., 5’4″), pear-shaped female. I have […]

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Sealy optimum latex mattress question.

Bri writes: Hi Pete, I’m am trying to determine if a 2014 Sealy optimum latex mattress would have natural or synthetic latex in it. I’m not sure of the model name. So, I called and talked with Sealy customer service. One person told me Sealy had always […]

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Allergic to Latex Bandages. Are Latex Mattresses OK?

Joan writes: Hi Pete, I am allergic to Latex, as in bandages etc. when they touch my skin, it turns red and blisters.  Will mattresses made with latex in them cause any problems or is ok because the latex is covered? I have a very old Sealy […]

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Back Pain on a 15 Year Old Sealy Firm Camelot Mattress.

James writes: Hi Pete, I am 68, 5′ 10″, 167 lb., fit and active, but with neck pain (arthritis and bulging discs) and lower back pain.  My wife is 65, fit, 5′ 8″ 138 lb. She has latex allergic reaction to bandages.  We have had a Sealy […]

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