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Puffy Mattress Shown on Ellen.

Maryann writes: Hi Pete, I saw, on The “Ellen” Show, something called a Puffy Mattress. They made it sound pretty good. Is it? Thanks, Maryann Hi Maryann, The worst thing anyone can do, is to buy something, anything, based on a celebrity endorsement. Right off the bat, it […]

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Gel Foam or Innerspring Mattress Recommendation.

Hi Pete, I am 75, 185 lbs., solo side sleeper.  I am trying to decide on a foam mattress such as the Bed-in-a-box packed gel or an innerspring such as the Serta i-series.  I also don’t want off-gassing or a mattress that’s hard to move on.Any ideas or input?  Thanks, […]

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