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A New Mattress Like Our Bassett Carrington Chase Ultra Plush Latex Mattress.

Joe writes: Hi Pete, We have a Bassett Carrington Chase Ultra Plush latex mattress, that we bought about 15 years ago.  We now need a queen size for another bedroom, which I will be using on a regular basis. Over-all, we’ve been happy with our mattress, but […]

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Gotcha Covered Deep Pocket Sheets…Guaranteed to Fit, Guaranteed to Stay On Any Mattress.

Eric writes: Hi Pete, I have an issue that I was never able to figure out, My current mattress is 11″ and getting a fitted sheet has been impossible to find. I purchased one for $70 for 1 fitted sheet that said it would fix up to […]

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Organic Mattresses, Sheets and Pillows.

Helena writes: Hi Pete, My husband is super sensitive to any kind of chemical off gassing. He can’t even walk into a mattress store, without it affecting his breathing. We need a new mattress, and we need it to be organic and chemical free. I’m also interested […]

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Gotcha Covered Sheets for our Stearns and Foster Mattress with Latex Topper.

Richard writes: Hi Pete, We have had the Stearns and Foster mattress with the Latex Topper, you recommended for several years. We love it. We are in the need for some new sheets, so we thought to ask you about that, before going to a store to shop. […]

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Gotcha Covered Sheets are Guaranteed to Fit Very Thick Mattresses.

Kim writes: Hi Pete, I recently bought a top of the line mattress that is so thick, none of my high profile sheets will fit it. I’ve look in stores, but can’t find sheets to fit my 18″ thick mattress. I’ve been reading your blog and want […]

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Gotcha Covered Sheets are Guaranteed to Fit and Guaranteed to Stay On.

      Does your fitted sheet pop off at the corner while you’re trying to sleep? Mattresses have gotten thicker over the years. Add a mattress pad and a latex topper and you may find yourself with sheets that don’t fit. It is our goal to […]

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Gotcha Covered Sheets that are guaranteed to fit and Guaranteed to stay on.

Larry writes: Hi Pete, We have an older double sided Stearns & Foster mattress. We have a devil of a time with our fitted sheets always popping off. Do you have sheets that will fit and not pop off? Thanks, Larry Hi Larry, Yes. We carry the Gotcha Covered […]

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Sheets Popping off our really thick mattress, Organic from Gotcha-Covered.

Albert writes: Hi Pete, We bought a really thick mattress, just recently. And while it is the mattress of my wife’s dreams, it’s become something of a nightmare where sheets are concerned. Do you have, or can you tell me where I can find sheets, preferably organic, […]

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Gotcha Covered Sheets to fit a Thick Pillowtop Mattress.

Rose writes: Hi Pete, I’m having the darnest time finding sheets to fit this thick pillowtop mattress I bought about a month ago. You seem to be the fella with all the answers, so I was hoping you could help me find sheets that stay on. Thanks, […]

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