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My husband sleeps with a CPAP machine.

Kathy writes: Hi Pete, My husband sleeps with a CPAP machine and it’s better if he is propped up a bit.   What are the options for beds that adjust to raise the head, if I want to sleep flat?   It always seemed weird to me to have […]

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Incline mattress therapy for breathing problems.

Larry writes: Hi Pete, I have been studying about incline mattress therapy for breathing problems. According to their web site my wife and I both could improve our health if we follow their advice. Their advice is to raise our mattress up at the headboard to achieve […]

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Which of my 2 queen size mattresses is better?

Jan writes: Hi, Pete! I need your help. I have to only keep one of my 2 queen size mattresses. *2004 Simmons Exceptionals Inverness Valley Luxury Firm bought in a furniture store – in excellent condition – used only occasionally in a spare bedroom for guests * […]

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Replacing a Simmons Beautyrest Anniversary Mattress.

Dear Pete, In doing an internet search, I came upon your site which is excellent by the way. Anyway, I am looking for a new mattress but haven’t been able to make a decision.  Here is my situation. I have a Simmons Beautyrest Anniversary mattress that should have been replaced […]

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