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Old Fashioned Two-Sided Plush Mattress to Hold a Big Man.

Kay writes: Hi Pete.  Was wondering if you could recommend a mattress, please? Two sleepers. Male, 6 fit 3in , 300 lbs. Female, 4 ft 11in 130lbs. I prefer supportive, but wouldn’t mind having a plush surface.  Currently, we have a pillow top Simmons Beautyrest that’s way […]

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A Good Mattress to Accommodate a 280 Lb. Man.

Kelly writes: Hi Pete, We are looking for a recommendation for a good mattress to accommodate a man that is 6’5″ and 280 lbs. After doing some research, I understand that an interlocked coil unit is the strongest. The surface needs to be soft enough for my sensitive hip […]

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Natura of Canada Greenspring Mattress for Large People, Hip & Shoulder Pain.

Joyce writes: Hi Pete, My husband and I are searching for a new mattress. We are both fairly large people and want some good support. He has hip and shoulder pain.   I am wondering if there is a good mattress you can recommend for us.  Thanks, Joyce Hi […]

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Mattress coil counts. What matters for quality and longevity?

John writes: Hi Pete, Concerning coil counts, is this important and what is a satisfactory amount for a queen size?  Tempered coils or not? Do they really help with sagging? And when you talk levels what does that mean?  Thanks, John Hi John, It’s important to understand […]

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Two Sided Tulah Firm Mattress is Strong Enough for Sitting.

Jerry writes: Hi Pete, I have had a Simmons Beautyrest Firm mattress for less than two months and it is no longer firm and I can feel the springs popping (goosing me).  I weigh 200 lbs and am chronically ill so I spend a lot of time […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Broadway with a soft latex topper or the two-sided Wolf Brooklyn mattress in plush.

Daniel writes: Hi Pete, After going through the blog and reading your recommendations many times over I have narrowed my selection down to either the  with a soft latex topper or the two-sided Wolf Brooklyn  in plush.  Out of the two, which would you recommend? Would the Brooklyn be as […]

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Simmons Beautyrest World Class Rembrandt Mattress.

Ellen writes: Hi, I am wanting to replace our Simmons Beautyrest World Class Rembrandt mattress with another Simmons product. I have read a lot of reviews and spoke with Simmons. I am not only confused, but disappointed, if I may be honest. I have back issues and I am […]

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Large People, Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia & Latex Mattress Topper.

Mark writes: We are large people. I am 300 pounds and my wife 200 pounds. Will your Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia Extra Firm mattress work for us? Thanks, Mark   Hi Mark, The Alexia will absolutely hold your weights. The coils are strong enough. However, the padding […]

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An All-Natural Latex Topper…and NOT a new mattress.

Nick writes: Hi Pete, I’ve followed your blog for several years as my wife and I have furnished our bedrooms with new mattresses. In 2009, we purchased a Stearns and Foster luxury firm (Montgomery) model. I believe it was one of the first S&F sets with the […]

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A two-sided mattress for a large man with hip and back pain.

Gert writes: Me and my husband are searching for a mattress that will be firm enough  that his hips don't sink and cause him lower back pain.  He also suffers  from mild scoliosis and occasional lower back pain. He is a large man and prefers firmer. Whatever […]

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A Mattress for a herniated disc.

Leesa writes:  I have lower back pain that stems from a herniated disc, and I sleep on my back (occasionally on my side). What type of mattress construction would you recommend (Simmons individually pocketed coils, or Sealy’s Posturepedic interlocked Innerspring)? Leesa   Hi Leesa, The choice of […]

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Simmons Beautyrest World Class Plush Pillowtop Hotel Mattress and Is It Safe To Buy On-Line Sight Unseen?

Bill writes:  I stayed at the Round Hill Resorts in Jamaica and loved the bed. It was a “World Class West Hampshire Extra Plush Pillow Top”. What is the equivalent? Will it be different? Thanks. Bill   Hi Bill, Plush, extra plush and ultra plush pillowtop mattresses, […]

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Flipping a one sided mattress

John writes: Hi there, Can I flip a one-sided mattress? I recently bought an extra firm Simmons Beautyrest mattress, but I want it to last a long time. Can I flip it (even though it is not “finished” on the other side) and buy a latex topper, […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Black Ansleigh Luxury Firm with a latex topper? All latex mattress?

Kathy writes: Hi Peter, I sent a post to your blog page, but am not sure if it went through, so I thought I would just email you directly. First off, are you part of The Mattress Experts stores in DE? I purchased my Simmons NxG 400 […]

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