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Simmons Beautyrest World Class Felicity II Super Pillow Top Plush Hotel Mattress.

Cherie writes:   Hi Pete, I recently went to a hotel and fell in love with the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Felicity II Super Pillow Top Plush.  After googling this mattress I came across an answer you gave to Kathleen in Feb. 20, 2011.  You recommended a Beautyrest […]

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Sealy SpringFree Venice Beach Latex Mattress.

Robert writes: Hello Pete, I bought a queen size Sealy SpringFree Venice Beach latex mattress, from you, for my guest room, that is absolutely the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on.  I wish now that I had bought a king size for our master bedroom, since they […]

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Sealy Posturepedic Dante Park Plush Mattress Replacement.

Deborah writes: Hi Peter, I bought a king size Sealy Posturepedic plush tight top mattress called Dante Park from you in December 2008. I am moving to a studio apartment at the end of the month and the king size won’t fit so I need to buy […]

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Mattress Comparable to My Old Stearns & Foster Landmark Select Model

Chris writes: Hello Peter,  I’m interested in finding a current mattress comparable to my old Stearns & Foster Landmark Select model. Can you help me with that? Thanks, Chris Hi Chris, I can, indeed. Stearns & Foster is now owned by Tempurpedic and they have loaded everything with memory foam. What used […]

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Looking to Replace a Stearns and Foster Rose Night Mattress with One Just Like It.

Zena writes: Hi Pete, We used to own a Stearns and Foster Rose Night and it was amazing!!! We would like to replace it with a king mattress just like it.  We still have our bed frames from that mattress. Can we use them if we get another S&F? ZenaHi […]

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Natura Geenspring or Wolf Two Sided Firm Mattress for a Large Woman with Low Back Degeneration Pain.

Heather writes: Hi Pete, I was wondering what happened to your two sided mattresses (NOT the Wolf one’s)?    Do you still carry the Medi Coil?  Need a firm mattress for low back degeneration pain.   I’m about 250 lbs.  What can you suggest?? Regards, Heather Hi Heather, […]

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Replacing an Old Stearns & Foster Bancroft Mattress.

  Lisa writes: We have a S&F Bancroft King mattress and love it, but need to replace it.  What is our best/closest option?  Thank you, Lisa Hi Lisa, Nothing that S&F makes today comes close to the construction of your Bancroft. S&F is now owned by Tempurpedic […]

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Recommendation for a Mattress Like My 11 Year Old Sealy SpringFree Meadows Latex.

Daniel writes: Hi, Peter, I purchased a Sealy SpringFree Meadows Latex Mattress from you back in 2006.   I’ve had it for 11 years since you sold it to me, and it’s the best bed I’ve ever had, and it’s still doing just fine without any problems. However, I’m looking […]

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Replacement for a Sealy SpringFree Venice Beach Latex Mattress

RG writes: Hello Pete, I bought a queen size Sealy SpringFree Venice Beach latex mattress, from you, for my guest room about 8 years ago. It is absolutely the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on.  I wish now that I had bought a king size for our […]

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Simmons Beautyrest World Class Elderberry Plush/Firm Mattress.

Scott writes: Hi Pete, My wife and I were considering this mattress some years ago: Simmons Beautyrest Mattress, World Class Elderberry in Plush/Firm. However we see that it is now discontinued. Do you know what latest style has replaced it? as well as what comparable mattresses to […]

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Sealy Posturepedic Reserve Lake James Firm mattress.

Harpreet writes: Hi Pete,I’m looking for King size Sealy Posturepedic Reserve Lake James Firm mattress.   Do you carry it?   Thanks, Harpreet Hi Harpreet, That mattress isn’t made any longer. The closest to it, in today’s Posturepedic line, is shown here: Sealy Posturepedic® A3 Mire Monte Firm […]

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Current recommendation for a Stearns and Foster Blisswood luxury Firm Mattress with a Latex Topper.

Brett writes: Hello Peter, I previously purchased a Stearns and Foster Blisswood luxury Firm Queen from you with a Latex Topper.   I am interested in up-sizing to a King and see there is a change with Stearns and Foster.   I do like the mattress and would like something […]

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Two Sided Cameo Plush Mattress.

Jonathan writes: Hi Pete, Is the two sided cameo plush mattress still available? Is there something comparable? Thanks, Jonathan Hi Jonathan, The Cameo was discontinued last year. The replacement for that is the Wolf Brooklyn plush two sided mattress…shown here: Therapedic Double Sided Flippable Mattress | The Mattress […]

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Natura Plush Bourdolay Latex Mattress is the Closest to the Sealy SpringFree Beachside.

Cindy writes: Hello Pete, I am a claims adjuster for a moving company. Our client has a Sealy SpringFree Beachside mattress in king size that was damaged in the move. I was hoping that you could direct me to a mattress that would be most like the […]

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Repeat Customer Needing a New Mattress.

Vincent writes: Dear Peter: About three years ago, you advised me to buy a Stearns & Foster Heidi Luxury Firm tight top mattress. I did, and I love it! However, I will be moving to a new home and I will not be able to take my […]

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S&F Lucas Park comparable, or Latex mattress.

Sudarshan writes: Peter, We spoke today. I bought the S&F Lucas Park Queen size mattress around Jan 2011 from you and like that. We do not use the latex topper that we purchased separately as it was too soft. The latex topper in the mattress itself works well […]

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What is the equivalent Simmons Beautyrest mattress today?‏

Janet writes: Hi Pete, Have had a Simmons Beautyrest mattress for 18 years and have been very happy with it and its box spring. It’s a Beautyrest Exquisite Ultimate Extra Firm The “do not disturb” mattress with pocketed coil spring respond individually. What would be the equivalent mattress […]

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Stearns & Foster Heidi with a Latex Mattress Topper.

David Writes: Hi Pete, I just spoke with you on the phone. Thanks for the time. We noted in the reviews on the Latex topper, people were in love with the Stearns and Foster spring bed (Heidi?) and the 2″ latex topper.  I didn’t see the Stearns […]

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Stearns and Foster Italian Garden Villa latex mattress.

David writes: Hello, I am looking to purchasing a Stearns and Foster Italian Garden Villa latex mattress.  I understand it might be a discontinued model.  I am having difficulty finding any specifications about the materials and construction of the mattress.  I’m told that the mattress is made […]

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Simmons Beautyrest World Class Raleigh Mattress w/ Latex.

Mark writes: Hi Pete, We bought a Simmons Beautyrest World Class Raleigh mattress from you, about 3 years ago…per your recommendation, and we love it. We have recently moved and we plan on putting that queen size in the guest room and we want a king size […]

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S&F Ingrid Pillowtop Clearance Mattress.

Jim writes: Hi Pete, I have purchased and Ingrid Firm Pillowtop from a local dealer.  He delivered A Shayla which i did not like. I asked him to take it back, which he did. After doing research i found a website that gave great specs and also […]

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