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Mattress for a heavy, pear-shaped female with low back pain.

Mindy writes: Hi Pete, I have followed your blog a bit and have gathered a lot of insightful information for my current situation. I still wanted to reach out to you for a mattress recommendation. I’m a middle aged, heavy, (200 lbs., 5’4″), pear-shaped female. I have […]

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Good Quality Mattress for 200 lb.+ People.

Bob writes: Hi Pete, I am looking for a good king size mattress, side-sometimes stomach, share the bed with my wife. We are 200 lb.+ People. My wife is 44, I just turned 50, some aches and pains. We prefer soft-ish with pressure point relief. I sleep […]

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A luxurious mattress for a large woman with Fibromyalgia.

Lisa writes: Hi Pete, I’m a large woman, 5’4″ 180 lbs., with fibromyalgia and am looking for a luxurious mattress. I’ve been through 3 mattresses in 2 years and it’s always the same…very comfortable when trying at the store, less so within 5 months and downright uncomfortable […]

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Natura Greenspring Mattress and 2″ Latex Topper.

Aaron writes: Hi Pete, I purchased a Natura Greenspring Mattress and 2″ Latex Topper from you, some years ago.  It’s been great. Unfortunately I feel sagging where I sleep.   If you move to the middle, you can feel how it dips down.  I’m 6’0 290.  Should […]

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