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Do you recommend an Organic Mattress to avoid chemical off gassing?

Jane writes: Hi Pete, Do you recommend an Organic Mattress to avoid chemical off gassing? Thanks, Jane Hi Jane, You, certainly, can’t go wrong with an organic mattress, when it comes to avoiding chemical off gassing. However, it’s a mistake to assume that an organic mattress will […]

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I’m looking for a Pure Bliss Plush Latex Mattress Topper.

Cathy writes: Hi Pete, I’m looking for a Pure Bliss Plush Latex Mattress Topper. I’m replacing one I bought from you several years ago. But, I don’t see them listed when I go to your website. Are they still available?  I’m 64″ and 120 pounds and need relief […]

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My 10 year old daughter wants a queen size mattress.

Heather writes: Hi Pete, My 10 year old daughter wants a queen size mattress.  What do you recommend for her that will last at least 8 years or more? Thanks, Heather Hi Heather, There are a couple of ways to think about a mattress for your daughter. […]

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I want a king size latex mattress.

Kelly writes: Hi Pete, I want a king size latex mattress.  Most latex mattresses, I see, are only 6 inches thick. My sheets are made with deeper pockets. What would you recommend?  I have had a latex mattress before, and loved it. Thanks, Kelly Hi Kelly, Natura […]

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Sealy Reflexion Collamore Euro Plush Latex Mattress.

Stephanie writes: Good Afternoon Pete, I used to own a Sealy Reflexion Collamore Euro Plush Latex Mattress.   I loved the way that the mattress conformed yet had amazing support.   Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to replace it.   Unfortunately, our current latex mattress is […]

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A new mattress delivered to Canada.

Marion writes: Hi Pete, I live in Canada and need a mattress delivered here. Where are your mattresses located?   I need a new mattress, either double or queen depending on cost and shipping.   I am concerned about the information posted on memory foam.  Not healthy […]

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Natura of Canada 100% All Latex Mattress.

Eric writes: Hi Pete, You’ve already helped me with my last mattress, back in 2007.  It lasted a long time and I’ve been very happy with it. However, it now needs replacing. I am only interested in a 100% All Latex Mattress.  Either all Dunlop or a […]

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What’s the Best, Most Comfortable, Longest Lasting Mattress?

Edward writes: Hi Pete, I’m sick and tired of the mattress buying experience! There are way too many bad mattresses out there! So, I’m asking straight up, “What’s the Best, Most Comfortable, Longest Lasting Mattress?”. My wife and I are a bit heavier than average sizes, but […]

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We need to replace our Sealy Reflexion Solana Beach Pillow Top Latex Mattress.

Nancy writes: Hi Pete, We need to replace our Sealy Reflexion Solana Beach Pillow Top Latex Mattress due to body impressions. We are having difficulty with retailers being able to tell us what current model is comparable.  We want something about the same thickness – 14” +/-. […]

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My wife and I are looking for a latex mattress.

Dennis writes: Hi Pete, My wife and I are looking for a latex mattress.  We are both over 250 pounds. Mostly side sleepers but on our back sometimes.  We bought a latex mattress from you about 15 or so years ago.   Happy New Year! Dennis Hi […]

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A Mattress for mom.

Waqar writes: Hello Pete, I have bought at least four mattresses from you over the years, and I would like one more, please.   The mattress is for my mom, who is 72.  I don’t think she knows what she wants.  She does have some nerve pain […]

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A Natura Latex Hybrid mattress for ostero arthrithic back pain.

Naomi writes: Hi Pete, Thanks so much for answering questions concerning a mattress for ostero arthrithic back pain.  It gives me some direction. Should I spend the extra money for a Natura all latex mattress? Are the Natura Latex Hybrids a better value for my money? I’m a […]

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Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush mattress and a 2″ soft latex topper.

Sam writes: Hi Pete, We purchased from you, in Nov 2016, The Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush mattress and a 2″ soft latex topper. The bed performed superbly until recently, when either the mattress or the topper or both just stopped delivering the level of satisfaction […]

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How long to ship a Latex Mattress to Vancouver, Canada?

Dan writes: Hi Pete, Which adjustable bed base do you recommend?   There are a few options from Magniflex.  Would recommend the simple basic one?   The other ones have a lot of bells and whistles that are not really worth the extra cost. Is that correct?   […]

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Time to Replace an All Latex Mattress.

Anna writes: Hi Pete, I was recommended to you by one of your previous customers.  They are very happy with what they bought from you and speak highly of you.   My philosophy is that when we buy mediocre quality products, they cost us more in the […]

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Need to Replace a Stearns and Foster Saba Wind Latex Mattress.

Evelyn writes: Hello Pete, I have a Stearns and Foster Latex Saba Wind Latex mattress, which needs to be replaced.   I’d like to find something as similar as possible.   Would you be able to provide recommendations? Thank you, Evelyn  Hi Evelyn, We carry some very nice […]

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Can You Deliver a High Quality Mattress to Canada?

Robert writes: Hi Pete, Can you deliver a mattress to Canada? We live in Ontario. I’m looking for a high quality mattress and require my old mattress to be taken away. Do you offer these services? Thanks, Robert Hi Robert, Yes. In fact, our highest quality mattresses […]

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Stearns and Foster Estate Mattress on an Adjustable Bed Base?

Mary writes: Hello Pete,  I have the Leggett Platt adjustable bed base. A mattress I like is the Stearns and Foster Estate Luxury Firm.  It is wrapped coils with a foam edge.  Will this mattress work with the adjustable bed?  Thanks. Mary Hi Mary, Will it work?…as […]

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Sealy Reflexion Newport Beach Latex Mattress.

Brian writes: Hi Pete, I’ve seen a few posts comparing beds to Sealy Reflexion Newport Beach Latex Mattress. Do you make/manufacture both of these brands of beds or re-seller for them? It appears that you used to sell these Sealy beds.  And that Sealy and S&F have […]

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Natura Greenspring Mattress Recommendation.

Art writes: Hi Pete, We spoke on the phone, please see the attached link for the Natura Greenspring mattress that I tried out locally. https://naturaworld.com/ca/product/laurel-euro/   Is this the same as the one you often recommend?   I was pretty impressed with this one, so this might […]

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We Want Another Latex Mattress.

Lisa writes: Hi Pete, We had a plush eurotop latex mattress for many years. Recently, we decided to buy a new mattress, as that latex mattress was getting pretty old.  It had also lost a little of it’s initial comfort, over the years. Well, we made a […]

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Looking for a Mattress Comparable to My 20 Year Old Tempurpedic.

Laura writes: Hi Pete, I am shopping for a new mattress, and found your blog online. I have a 20 year old Tempurpedic mattress, and would like something comparable to it. I went shopping and a salesman told me that The Simmons Beautyrest was most comparable. I […]

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An All Latex Mattress for Very Heavy People.

Beth writes: Good Morning Peter, We are both very heavy people.  305 (me) 320 (husband)   I have read one of your reviews and your recommendations for an all latex mattress.   Would your recommendation be the same for us at our weight? Which brand and model would […]

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Natura of Canada Natural Talalay Latex Mattress.

Christiana writes: Hi Pete, I want a latex mattress made of natural Talalay latex. I am interested in your Natura of Canada line. Can you give me some guidance as to which of these mattresses to buy? I want it to be comfortable, but not all that soft. Thanks, […]

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A Latex Mattress to Replace a Sealy SpringFree River Crest.

Holly writes: Hi Pete, In 2007, we purchased the Sealy Springfree River Crest latex mattress from you in a king size.  We have loved this mattress, and can’t thank you enough for recommending it to us. We were wondering if you could recommend a mattress to replace it.   We […]

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