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Latex Topper for a Stearns & Foster Mattress.

Christine writes: Hi Pete, I am looking for a topper and heard that latex was good. I have back pain and severe hip pain and can’t even sleep in my own bed now.  My mattress is a Stearns & Foster and never liked it from day one. […]

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A Mattress and Latex Topper for a woman with severe back problems, spinal fusions, rods.

Beverley writes: Hello, Mr. Pete, I stumbled across your web site while researching mattress toppers.  I am a 5’7″, 135 pound, 62 year old female, currently sleeping on a 2 year old Kingsdown “Enchantment” Eurotop mattress set.   The mattress is composed of 84% urethane foam and […]

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Pure Talalay Bliss Latex Topper for a Duxiana Mattress.

Garry writes: Hello Pete, My wife & I are needing to replace the latex top pad for our Queen Dux Bed (6000). Our Duxiana Bed is 15 years old and the top latex pad has never been replaced.   Dux is asking $1500 for a new top pad, […]

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Need help finding the softest mattress that is also the longest lasting.

Joe writes: Hello Pete, I was wondering what would be the softest and longest lasting bed for me and my wife.  I side and back sleep.. she’s mainly a side sleeper.  She needs it soft and I need supportive for back issues.  She’s about 5’4 and close […]

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Simmons Beautyrest World Class Continental (Plush Pillow Top) Mattress.

Joseph writes: Hi Pete, I’ve had a Simmons Beautyrest mattress for probably 8-10 years.  It’s the best bed I’ve owned. It’s a Simmons Beautyrest World Class Continental (Plush Pillow Top), queen size with 850 coils and mega edge support coils. I have two requests: 1. Where did this mattress […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Mattress for Back pain/scoliosis/latex allergy.

Hi Pete, A Google search led me to your site.  I’m a 44 yo woman, 5′ tall, 100-105 lbs range, who has had 2 thoracic spinal fusions.  (Scoliosis resulted from radiation for a thoracic neuroblastoma at age 6 weeks.)   For at least a decade I have had […]

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Natura Greenspring Liberty Ultra Plush or Plush Eurotop mattress?

Both are very similar in feel. The Plush Euro has an extra inch of latex.
Frankly, you can’t go wrong with either of them.

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Recommendation for a Mattress Like My 11 Year Old Sealy SpringFree Meadows Latex.

Daniel writes: Hi, Peter, I purchased a Sealy SpringFree Meadows Latex Mattress from you back in 2006.   I’ve had it for 11 years since you sold it to me, and it’s the best bed I’ve ever had, and it’s still doing just fine without any problems. However, I’m looking […]

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EverEden Latex Mattress Topper for Fibromyalgia.

Gail writes: Hi Pete, We love our EverEden 3″ Soft Talalay Latex topper. It has helped with my fibromyalgia tremendously. https://themattressexpert.com/talalay-dunlop-latextoppers/ Latex Mattress Toppers – All Natural Talalay Latex Toppers … themattressexpert.com Talalay Latex toppers are normally purchased as “Soft” for the purpose of softening a too […]

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Which EverEden Latex Topper for a Too Firm Mattress?

Melinda writes: Hi Pete, I am in so much pain in my shoulder and hips since we purchased a new firm mattress 3 months ago to the point I can not even lift my right arm and I am bartender.   I see your recommendation for a […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Mattress and Latex Topper to Canada.

Janice writes: Hi Pete, We tried the Simmons World Class and it is a very nice mattress but wondering about this type of memory foam. So, I wanted your opinion on whether it would be okay as there is memory foam in all of the World Class models […]

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A Mattress Recommendation to Relieve Back and Neck Pain.

Helayne writes: Hi Pete, Please Help! We haven’t slept well in 2 years. I was in an auto accident, which damaged my spine, ribs and neck. We were thinking that an adjustable bed base would help. We already have a platform bed that we like. Can it […]

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A Latex Topper for our Memory Foam Mattress?

Jerry writes: Hello Pete,  I have a foam mattress that is soft and sleeps hot. Also, gives skin a very uncomfortable burning tingle. My idea is to get a topper to place on top of it to shield me from both the heat and the burning tingle. […]

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I Hate My 1 Year Old Memory Foam Mattress.

Judy writes: Hi Pete, I’ve had a memory foam mattress for a year now, and I hate everything about it. Can you help me find the right mattress for me? I’m 70 years old, 5’7″ and weigh 130 lbs. I have no physical ailments at this time. […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid Adara. A Good Quality Budget Mattress for Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

Joi writes: Hi Pete, You give advice on mattresses for fibromyalgia and arthritis.   I hear latex is best but nothing is really comfortable.  I got a 700$ dreamfoam memory foam mattress and the sides buckle to where one could literally slide off.  I am in midst of […]

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Hip Pain on a Leesa Sapira pocketed coil and memory foam mattress.

Linda writes: Hi Pete, I wish I had found your blog and advice BEFORE I bought the Leesa Sapira mattress. I’m past the 100 day trial and can’t return it. I thought this would be the answer to my hip pain, and it seemed fine at first, but it later […]

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Herniated Discs & Fibromyalgia Made Worse on a Memory Foam Mattress.

Aaron writes: Hi Pete, I have a couple of herniated discs in my lower back and my wife suffers with fibromyalgia.  The salesman at  a big chain store, here in NYC, told us that the memory foam mattress we bought would solve those problems. At first, it felt […]

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Mattress Recommendation, Simmons Beautyrest Black and Latex Topper.

Shereen writes: Hi Pete, I was referred to you by John O******, who has purchased several mattresses from you and is happy with all of them. One of them, he bought for a vacation rental that we own, which he left there. It is very comfortable. We […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid Mattresses for children and Natura Greenspring Mattresses for Adult use.

Neil writes: Hey Peter, I used you for these Wolf Latex Hybrid mattresses we got for our kids, a few years ago. https://themattressexpert.com/our-brands/wolf-mattresses/wolf-hybrid-mattress/ Wolf Latex Hybrid Mattress | The Mattress Expert themattressexpert.com Questions, Comments, Concerns? Please Check out One of our Blogs Listed below Or Ask us on Facebook or […]

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Mattress Advise for Large People.

Luis write: Hello Peter, My wife and I are in search of a replacement bed. Here is a bit of background information my wife 32 is a stomach sleeper, I am a side sleeper. We are both on the heavy side 200-250.  Our current mattress is a […]

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Natura Greenspring Mattress to Relieve Sciatica Pain.

Chad writes: Hi Pete, I am looking for advise and prices on a new mattress.  My wife and I are currently sleeping on our 16 year old king mattress and I developed sciatica 3 months ago which I suspect is due to our aging mattress.  I weigh […]

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Latex Mattress Suggestions for Heavy People.

Mike writes: Hi Pete, My wife and I are in need of a new mattress and while doing research online I came across your website: http://www.themattressexpert.com/ After reading the “What You Need to Know” section and the testimonials, I’m interested in what you might suggest that we purchase. […]

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Latex Topper for a Tempurpedic Memory Foam Mattress.

Kirk writes: Hello Pete, Do you recommend a latex topper for tempurpedic beds?  Our first tempurpedic, we loved, and it lasted 10 years- shorter than we thought but still a great experience.  Our new one is a little over year old and we are not happy. My hip […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Black Desiree Luxury Firm mattress set.

David writes: Hi Pete, I’m interested in the Simmons Beautyrest Black Desiree Luxury Firm mattress set.  I’d just like to clarify what comes in the “set” vs. just the mattress.  Does it include the mattress protector and latex pad? Thanks, David  Hi David, The “set” comes with mattress & boxspring. […]

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Mattress/bed questions for senior living with Parkinson’s.

Mary writes: Good Evening Peter, My mother is 79 years old and is in the early stages of developing full-blown Parkinson’s. Currently, she has tremors in her hands only. However, she also is not very physically fit.  I received an emergency phone call from my sister-in-law, who […]

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