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Simmons ComforPedic Loft Mattress, Morning Back Pain.

Frank writes: We purchased the Simmons  ComforPedic Loft Air Cool Brilliant Dreams LX P  queen Mattress and box spring at a considerable cost two years ago.  The mattress was fine for the first year and a half.  It now has body impressions on each side of the […]

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A Latex Topper to Relieve Shoulder Pain.

Lou writes:   I sleep on my sides… I'm awakened within three hours by my shoulder pain that's against the mattress, they're sore. Is it the mattress, or my shoulders? When I get up in the morning after fifteen minutes it's fine. Six foot 200Lbs. I have […]

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Exchanging a Serta icomfort mattress.

  Anna writes: I’ve been reading your website and am impressed with your answers to people. We bought a Serta Icomfort Prodigy memory foam mattress from a local store about 45 days ago. We have not slept at all. We had a firm tempurpedic in the past […]

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A pillowtop mattress for an antique bed.

Lori writes: Great blog!  I'm proud to say that my dear husband and I have been sleeping on an      antique full-sized bed given to me by my great-grandparents.  The frame's  age is unknown.  I'm not so proud to mention that we are also sleeping on […]

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Natura…100% Safe, Chemical Free Mattress without fire retardant‏.

William writes: I was thinking of buying a new mattress for our new queen size platform frame, so no box spring. But now I have 2 concerns: 1. Flame retardant and other chemical exposure, especially since they all now meets the fire retardant requirements. and 2. I don't want the […]

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Simmons Beautyrest World Class Plush vs. S&F Latex mattress.

Les writes:    I am trying to decide between a Simmons World-class Plush mattress and a S&F latex mattress, which I am told now has a new type of latex that is "more breathable" and not as hot.  Not feeling "movement" from my partner on the mattress […]

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What Mattress for My Osteoarthritis?

I have osteoarthritis in my lower back. I have pain just trying to get to sleep. Some articles say get a firm mattress, others suggest a tempurpedic. What do you suggest? One salesman tried to sell us a "King Coil" mattress. It seemed almost too soft and […]

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A firm Serta mattress with a soft latex topper.

Geoffrey writes: Hello Mr. Cancelli!  Thanks so very much for your expert advice. I purchased a Serta Perfect Sleeper plush pillowtop mattress in April of last year and now have a 2 inch plus hole (body impression?) in the bed. They are going to replace it (not […]

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A Mattress for a herniated disc.

Leesa writes:  I have lower back pain that stems from a herniated disc, and I sleep on my back (occasionally on my side). What type of mattress construction would you recommend (Simmons individually pocketed coils, or Sealy’s Posturepedic interlocked Innerspring)? Leesa   Hi Leesa, The choice of […]

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pure LatexBLISS all-latex “Beautiful” mattress.

Ralph writes: Where is the value of a high end mattress if it is firm? In reading your posts it seems that you steer people away from plush pillowtops. My wife and I want a firm but comfortable (possible pillow top) king size mattress. The salesman at […]

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Not the Latex Mattress I ordered. It’s memory foam!

Darleen writes: Hi, I just purchased a mattress which was said to me was a combination of latex and other materials. When I got it delivered here, the tag says: 70% Polyurethane foam, 27% Visco-elastic Polyurethane foam. So is it okay? I mean is it something like […]

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Plush Top Latex Mattress S&F vs. Pure LatexBLISS.

Lydia writes: Dear Peter,  Does your advice regarding ultra plush mattress tops (“There is an inherent problem with the ultra plush models in that the top layers of padding compress easily, changing the feel in a very short time. As a result, body impressions form quickly and […]

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A Mattress for large people with scoliosis.

Arturo writes: I have just returned to latex mattress by king coil, deep impressions in the first 2 days…but not before it destroyed my back. I have very bad Scoliosis, with an upper+lower curve. I am looking at Stearns & Foster latex mattress, I’m not sure the name, it’s a […]

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Can I avoid mattresses with toxic chemicals? All-Natural Latex‏

Phan writes: I’m doing some reading on mattresses and I’m concerned about the chemicals we’re exposed to from new mattresses. I’ve read people are experiencing all sorts of health problems after purchasing new mattresses. Are there any natural product mattresses available that you can recommend? Phan   […]

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A plush mattress that will last under large people.

Mark writes: We purchased a Spring Air Bismark Comfortflex mattress and after about a month it began to sag a little. Now that’s it’s a few years old, it’s really shot. We like the plush feeling of the Bismark but it just didn’t  hold up over time. […]

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A comfortable and durable Latex Mattress for a plus size woman with back pain.

Sandra writes: I am a plus size woman 250lbs. Have had chronic back pain most of my life. Am in search of a mattress that will not only allow me to sleep through the night , but will last longer than the average 10 yrs. Have heard […]

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Mattress for Large People, Hip & Shoulder Pain.

Joyce writes: My husband and I are searching for a new mattress. We are both fairly large people and want some good support. He has hip and shoulder problems.  I am wondering if there was a  good mattress you can recommend something for us. Joyce   Hi […]

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Sealy Amici firm mattress at Sears…add a latex topper for comfort.

Elgin writes:   Can you comment on the Sealy Amici firm mattress? I found it at Sears at a very reasonable price. I’m curious if you think this is a good deal. Do you have any mattresses on your site that are the same as this? Thank […]

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Latex Mattress for Hip Pain?

Linda writes:   We are now considering an all-natural latex mattress, ($2K – $3K)…WOW! My husband has pain in his left hip (undiagnosed, but maybe arthritis) when he sleeps on that side for more than a few minutes. Do you think Latex would be a good choice […]

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Therapedic Two-sided mattress for a large man with a ruptured disc.‏

Louisa writes: Peter,  My husband has a ruptured disk but the symptoms are maintainable. We are both large, overweight, and have had a bad air mattress (Nautilus) for the past 2 years, and we don’t get a good nights sleep and wake feeling horrible. We like a […]

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Stearns & Foster Harbor View Villa Latex Mattress

Oscar writes: Hello:  Your site is a wonderful source of information. My wife and I have been shopping for a mattress and are interested in Stearns & Foster. In shopping at different stores we noticed that each place has its own model names, making comparisons difficult. We […]

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Simmons Beautyrest mattress & 2″ soft Talalay Latex topper for best support and comfort.

Keith writes: Hi Pete,  My wife and I are shopping for a queen mattress. We would like to buy one ASAP. My wife has back pain. We were considering an inner-spring mattress with a memory-foam padding on the top. We love the feeling of the foam on […]

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All Natural Latex Mattresses.

Len writes: Hi Peter, I’m interested in purchasing a latex mattress/boxspring set, but don’t understand the difference between the lines. I am sensitive to chemicals, so would need something all natural. Len Hi Len, We carry 3 lines of latex mattresses….and there isn’t a bum in the […]

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S&F Lux Estate Saint Sulpice mattress at Bloomies‏

Jodi Writes: Dear Pete, I need your help with a mattress choice. I was in Bloomingdales (they are ridiculously expensive) but saw a Stearns & Foster that I liked. It was called (by Bloomingdales) the Lux Estate “Saint Sulpice” and seemed to feel very nice. However it […]

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Sleeping Hot? Latex mattresses and toppers sleep cool.‏

Sam Writes:   Beds are too hot (no a/c in SF…). Whats the best style to avoid being  hot?  Plush is needed, does latex vs regular have an advantage? (I know  from other posts memory foam isn’t a good idea.)  Great blog. Thanks for the help, Sam   Hi […]

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