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Twin mattresses for a guest room.

Donna writes: Hello again, Pete, I am now shopping for two twin mattresses for our guest room.   It will be used maybe about 5-6 times a year, but we want it to be comfortable.   Also not too costly, as it won’t be used that often. […]

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Sealy Posturepedic Dante Park Plush Mattress Replacement.

Deborah writes: Hi Peter, I bought a king size Sealy Posturepedic plush tight top mattress called Dante Park from you in December 2008. I am moving to a studio apartment at the end of the month and the king size won’t fit so I need to buy […]

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All Latex or Latex Hybrid Mattress that is 10″ thick.

Alan writes: Hi Pete, I came across your site while researching mattresses. You seem to cut through the confusion and hype that I have found at the mattress stores.  My info and needs: I have sold my house and the bed with the mattress I hated. It […]

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A Repeat Customer Needing Mattresses for the Whole Family.

Hamza writes: Hello Peter, I am a repeat customer, and have purchased several mattresses and latex toppers from you, over the years. They have all been great and I’m back for more. The Simmons Beautyrest Black and latex topper that I have in full size, I am giving […]

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Which is the Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia?

  Too often, those suffering with Fibromyalgia place their focus on surface comfort and forget about support. Too often, those suffering from Fibromyalgia will buy a soft mattress, only to find that it wears out much too quickly. These are common mistakes. Simply put, your body has […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid Adara. A Good Quality Budget Mattress for Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

Joi writes: Hi Pete, You give advice on mattresses for fibromyalgia and arthritis.   I hear latex is best but nothing is really comfortable.  I got a 700$ dreamfoam memory foam mattress and the sides buckle to where one could literally slide off.  I am in midst of […]

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Recommendation for a new mattress to replace my old Simmons Beautyrest?

Rachel writes: Hi Pete,  I’ve been checking out your site … what a tremendous resource.  I thought after reading so many of your thoughtful responses that I would seek one for myself I work FT, student PT, single, budget is an issue but I would rather save […]

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Buying a Mattress for our son, who is a big guy.

John writes: Hi Pete, I’m in the market for a mattress for my son. He’s a big guy, 6’2″ and 220 lbs. I don’t know what will become of the mattress once he leaves, if he’ll take it with him or if it will become a spare […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid Mattresses for him and her.

Susie writes: Hi Pete,  I was really impressed with the website and blog, I just read, regarding mattresses and which is the right one for each person.  My husband and I are a combination of several stories I read. Here is our situation. My husband and I […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrids, good mattresses for children.

Ann writes: Hi Pete, I am wondering what kind of mattress you recommend for a child? I am needing to get my daughter a new mattress.  Thank you for your help! Ann Hi Ann, The Wolf Latex Hybrid mattresses are a strong recommendation for children. For girls, we […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid or Latex Mattress for my son.

Michele writes: Hello Pete, Thank you, so much, for taking my call and for sending me the link to the Wolf Latex Hybrid mattresses!   What is the difference between a hybrid latex and a latex mattress, or is it the same? Is one better than the other for my son? […]

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Black Friday Mattress Sales.

Gary writes:                                                      HI Pete, I was going to go hit some of the mattress sales for black Friday armed with the […]

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Weekend Home Mattress suggestions.

Roger writes: Hi Pete, I have been reading some of your posts and thought I’d ask for suggestions on our home bed and then mattresses for our weekend house. My wife I and are 5’9 155 and 6’1″ 185 respectively.   At home we sleep on a […]

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Best mattress for osteoarthritic knees.

Liz writes: Hi Pete, I have been plagued with severe osteoarthritis in my knees.   Recently diagnosed with pseudogout in my arthritic knees.  The pain is unbelievable. I need a new mattress and box springs. I am 60 years old and very small…only 5′ tall and weigh 100 lbs. Any […]

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A Mattress that will Hold Up to a Big Man, with Shoulder, Hip and Neck Pain.

Santa writes: Hi Pete, I’m a big man…320/340 lbs. I’ve already bought and returned a couple of mattresses and I want something that will hold me and be comfortable. I have a sore neck, hip and shoulder. So, the mattress must address these issues. What’s more, I’m […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid Mattress.

Lynn writes: Hi Pete. Your website is very informative and that’s why I’m writing.   It’s embarrassing to say that I weigh 270 lbs, am 5’4, and have a painful degenerative spine disease called D.I.S.H.   I haven’t had a good nights sleep in years. I am a side […]

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Wolf Adrian Coil and Latex Hybrid Mattress.

Lauren writes: Thank you so much for all this info!  The interlocked coils make sense but is there not a mattress that already has this feature as well as latex?  I’m curious why you suggest buying a separate latex topper as opposed to a mattress that already […]

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Wolf Brand Coil/Latex Hybrid mattress.

Beth writes: Dear Mattress Expert, My husband and I have been researching the Wolf brand Coil/Latex Hybrid mattress line, and came across your blog. I see that you recommend some of their hybrid latex models on your site.  So we were wondering if you are familiar with a model called the “Legacy Firm” […]

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Wolf Mattress for Boy’s Bunk Bed.

Tracy writes: Hi Pete, We bought our son a twin mattress from you about 3 or 4 years ago and it’s been great.   We have two boys who are 5 and 6 1/2 and we just ordered them full size beds that can be bunked (which we […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid is the Best Mattress on a Budget.

George writes: Hi Pete, Love the blog. Thanks for all the great information. My wife and I, who are both average size, have been looking for a mattress that: 1) Has no memory foam 2) Is reasonably priced 3) Will reduce motion transfer 4) Hold up well […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid mattress for a queen size Murphy bed.

Hi Pete, I would like a firm yet soft mattress with latex to avoid off gassing, etc. would you recommend a Wolf Latex/Hybrid over the Simmons Beautyrest?  I believe 11″ thick is likely not a problem but is it advisable to have a 10″ thick bed with […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid Mattresses for Children.

Neil writes: Hi Pete, We spoke over the phone, and you were telling me about the Wolf Hybrid mattresses, made of coils and all natural latex. They sounded pretty good, and I was hoping you could tell me a little more about them and need a link […]

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Good, Better, Best Mattress.

Kelly writes: Hi Pete, A couple of questions. The easy one first! Do you ship to SC? My husband and I would like to get a mattress recommendation. Both of us are near 50 yrs old. We currently have a 20 yr old clunker of a mattress […]

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