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I want to replace a Tempur-Pedic mattress, which I hate.

Julie writes: Hi Pete, I want to replace a Tempur-Pedic mattress, which I hate.   I have been a long time customer of Stearns and Foster mattresses. I love their two sided plush mattresses from 20+ years ago. Can you recommend a mattress that’s the best/closest to […]

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I am replacing an old two sided mattress.

Mary writes: Hi Pete, I am replacing an old two sided mattress. I want another two sided mattress that I can flip. What’s more, I want a mattress with NO MEMORY FOAM. The chemical off gassing makes me sick. And, I need it before Christmas. Do you have […]

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Old Fashioned, Flippable Two Sided Mattresses.

Old Fashioned, Flippable Two Sided Mattresses Old Fashioned means more than just being two sided. If you’re looking for support, comfort AND Durability, your mattress has to have NO MEMORY FOAM. Memory foam is what’s causing:  Mattresses to wear so quickly, Sleeping Hot, and Toxic Off Gassing […]

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Simmons Hotel Beautyrest Mattress at a Comfort Inn.

Ruth writes: Dear Mr. Pete, In early April I slept on a Simmons Hotel Beautyrest Mattress at a Comfort Inn, which I liked.   I’ve retained the current foundations from the last mattress, as they appeared to be in good shape.  I know you and your wife […]

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Innerspring RV Mattress. NO MEMORY FOAM!

Jim writes: Hi Pete, I’m having trouble locating an innerspring mattress for my RV that has NO MEMORY FOAM in it. I’ve read many of your posts and agree that memory foam is the worst. Can you help me find such a mattress? Thanks, Jim Hi Jim, […]

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We live in Canada and would like to purchase a mattress from you.

Nathalie writes: Hello Pete, My husband and I wanted to purchase the Sheraton/Four Points mattress.  But we live in Canada, and after doing some research I came across your website.  We’d like to purchase a mattress from you, as opposed to a store.  We’d like you to […]

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I have back and shoulder pain and find mattress shopping very difficult.

Sarah writes: Hello, Pete, I have back and shoulder pain and find mattress shopping very difficult. We love a friend’s mattress. It’s a Simmons Beautyrest Pacific Series firm. We came across your blog in which you told another shopper the name changes every year and that you […]

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Are you tired of buying mattresses?

Are you tired of buying mattresses? With the economy being what it is, there’s no reason to spend good money on bad mattresses every couple of years. If you’re too young to know this, mattresses used to last for 10 years or more. Did you ever wonder […]

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Natura of Canada Greenspring Firm Mattress for a very heavy woman.

Kelli writes: Hello Pete, I am a very heavy woman. What is the weight capacity of the Natura of Canada Greenspring Firm Mattress?  Also, what is the firmness level (on a scale of 1-10?)  Do you have any stores for testing the product in person? Thanks, Kelli Hi […]

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Is the Natura of Canada Greenspring, truly the best mattress I can buy?

Marion writes: Hi Pete, Like so many of the people who write to you, my husband and I have already wasted lots of money on mattresses that were supposed to be high quality, but weren’t. I couldn’t understand why, until I found your blog. WOW! I had […]

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An affordable good quality mattress for large people.

Lisa writes: Hi Pete, My husband and I are large people. (exactly how large is not for publication) LOL! Anyway, we’ve already spent way too much money on mattresses that fail quickly. I’m looking for an affordable good quality mattress that will wear well. From what I’ve […]

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Today’s Equivalent to the Simmons Beautyrest Wilson Mattress.

Jenn writes: Hi Pete, I’ve had the Simmons Beautyrest Wilson euro top mattress since 2008.  What’s today’s equivalent from Simmons? Thanks, Jenn Hi Jenn, There is no equivalent. Simmons isn’t even owned by Simmons anymore. There are no mattresses that match the specifications of that mattress. Thanks, […]

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Least Expensive Quality Mattress with NO Memory Foam.

Hi Pete, We need a new, reasonably firm queen size mattress with NO Memory Foam in it. We were considering the mattress you and your wife sleep on, The Natura of Canada Greenspring. https://themattressexpert.com/natura-greenspring-pocketed-coil-mattresses/   Unfortunately, with the rising prices of gas and groceries, we can no longer […]

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