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A Beautyrest mattress & latex topper for severe fibromyalgia.

Gwen writes: Hi Pete, I am a 57 yo female, 5’2″, 125lb with severe fibromyalgia.   I’m moving into my own home and need a new mattress.   I’ve not slept in a bed for several years as the mattress at my previous home was a very firm mattress […]

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Help Selecting a Simmons Beautyrest Mattress.

E.J. Writes: Hello Peter, I am in the market for a new mattress and kinda want to kill myself. I thought I was informed and narrowing down my choices and then I found this site which is very informative.  I am hoping someone may be able to […]

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Good, Better, Best Mattress.

Kelly writes: Hi Pete, A couple of questions. The easy one first! Do you ship to SC? My husband and I would like to get a mattress recommendation. Both of us are near 50 yrs old. We currently have a 20 yr old clunker of a mattress […]

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Degenerative Disc Disease getting worse on a memory foam mattress.

Claire writes: Thank you so much for your blog, Peter. I am desperate. I was diagnosed with DDD over a year ago that is getting worse. Not long after the diagnosis, we bought a memory foam bed – that we replaced with another. First one was too […]

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Another Tempurpedic Mattress Gone Bad.

Maria writes: Thank God I stumbled across your blog as I was researching mattresses and saved myself from another bad investment! We have a 4 year old king size Tempurpedic that worked well for my pregnancy, when I was limited to sleeping on my back, but no longer provides any comfort or […]

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Natura Greenspring – A Latex/innerspring hybrid mattress with pocketed tempered steel coils.

Michael writes: Hi Pete, After days of searching and hours or research we are still trying to find the perfect mattress.  We know we want a latex/innerspring hybrid mattress with pocketed tempered steel coils, and we want to avoid memory foam.  I see you don’t recommend pillow tops, which is […]

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Latex Foam Topper for a Tempurpedic Mattress.

Kristy writes: Hi, I have been reading some of your reviews. We have a Tempurpedic Mattress. Our mattress was expensive and it is only 3 years old. We also have a ergo system underneath it which allows the bed to move up and down. I suffer from sciatica, […]

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Bulging and Herniated Discs, Simmons Beautyrest or Natura Greenspring Mattress.

Gerry writesher Dear Peter, I have followed your website for some time and have always appreciated your willingness to share your expertise to problem and prospective mattress users.  In my opinion, you provide a great service to the marketplace.  In that regard I decided to write for […]

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A Firm Mattress with No Body Impressions.

Ray writes: Hi Pete, I’m about 280 lbs and my wife is about 160. We have been going through mattresses at the rate of every 3 years for quite a while and I want to put a stop to that. I’ve come to understand that these mattresses […]

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Puerto Rico, Mattress Advice.

Myrna writes: I am in the process of purchasing a new mattress, size queen. I had low back surgery last year (2014) and also suffer from neck problems (stiff neck and neck pain). I looked today at the 300 Hybrid Simmons. It felt extremely comfortable but the […]

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Replacing a Memory Foam Mattress.

Caleb writes: Hi There, We are looking for a king sized mattress to replace a memory foam one we absolutely hate. After reading tons of your replies, we’re leaning towards a luxury firm type mattress to try to get the best of all worlds. One that seems […]

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Pain from our Tempurpedic Memory Foam Mattress.

Annie Writes: Hi Pete, I’ve been researching your website for a while now, and I’m having a hard time making up my mind on what would be the best fit for us. My husband and I are looking for a good quality bed that will last and […]

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New Mattress Recommendation- Simmons Beautyrest Black Ava & Latex Topper.

Drew writes: Hello Pete, My wife and I stayed at a hotel on a Sealy Presidential Pillowtop mattress and she loved it. I saw on your page the con’s of getting a Sealy. On a similar post (http://mattressexpert.typepad.com/the_mattress_expert/2012/06/serta-presidential-hotel-mattress.html) , you recommended a Simmons Annapolis Place (now called Santorini apparently) […]

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Sealy Whistlewood Plush Euro Posturepedic SpringFree Latex Mattress.

Rick and Michelle write: Dear Sir, We purchased our mattress set April 2008, we have noticed indentations where we sleep ( however not 1 ½ “ per the warranty) – and aches & pains in the morning.  We loved the set up until the past several years […]

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Neck & Back Pain from sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

Jessica writes: Hi Pete, I really like your mattress blog and have been reading it to see what I can learn about my daughter. She is 16 and has pain in the bottom of her neck, and top of her back. The pain, we have been told, […]

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Simmons Beautyrest luxury plush pillow top recharge mattress.

Linda writes: Greetings, I should have found your site before I started to buy. Ouch is so many ways. But here I am. Bought a Simmons Beautyrest luxury plush pillow top recharge mattress in queen. It is hard as nails, neck and upper back hurt, then my […]

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Scoliosis, Bulging Discs, Back Pain from a Memory Foam Mattress….Simmons Beautyrest & Latex Topper.

Meg writes: Hello Pete, I am trying figure out a mattress that best fits me need. I currently have a memory Foam (gel) mattress and I am having a lot of with back pain sleeping on it.    I  have major lower back issues, including lumber Scoliosis and L4 and […]

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A Latex topper for a flipped over memory foam mattress.

Karen writes: Good afternoon Pete, We flipped over our memory foam mattress. The mattress was a little firm last night so I’m leaning towards the medium Talalay Latex topper.   It also slept extremely hot.  Do they soften over time? What is the cover material (bamboo, cotton, […]

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