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Pure Bliss Talalay Latex Down Pillows.

Judy writes: Hi Pete, I have purchased 2 of the Pure Bliss Talalay Latex/Down Pillows from you in the past 2 years.   They, truly, are amazing! I am interested in purchasing a couple more for my son.   Do you still sell those pillows? Thanks, Judy Hi Judy, […]

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A Firm and a Comfy Latex Pillow.

Lisa writes:   Hi Pete, About the latex pillows – both my husband and I like to sleep on our sides and backs.   He likes a firm pillow.  I just want a comfy one.  Which pillows would you recommend?   Also, for the waterproof mattress protector […]

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A Mattress to Relieve Hip Shoulder and Neck Pain.

Kay writes: Hi Pete, My husband and I are ready to purchase a King mattress.  I would like a recommendation as to which would be best for us. He is 49, 6’2″, 225 Lbs., and sleeps every way. He complains of not being able to sleep through […]

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A Pure Bliss 2″ Plush Latex Topper on a Luxury Firm Simmons Beautyrest Mattress.

Cliff writes: Hi Pete, About 2 months ago we purchased a Simmons Beautyrest Silver Luxury Firm Mattress, here in Oregon.  While I like the firm support I have to agree with my wife it is too hard, at least on top.  I was about to exchange it […]

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Thickest, Firmest Latex Pillow.

Beth writes: Hi Peter,  I have bought several mattresses and toppers from you.   Now, I have another question.  My latex pillow is old and soft.   What is the thickest and firmest latex pillow you sell?   Thanks, Beth Hi Beth, Good to see you back. […]

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A Wedge Pillow for Neck Pain and Sleep Apnea?

Noah writes: Hi Pete,  My physical therapist suggested I try a “wedge pillow”.  I had purchased mattresses from you in the past, which have been great, so I thought you might be a good person to ask about these pillows.  The wedge pillows might help with my […]

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Sealy Posturepedic Cameo Glow Mattress needs a Latex Topper.

Scott writes: Hi Pete, Some years ago, I bought a Sealy Posturepedic Cameo Glow mattress from you. That purchase made, based on the excellent advice offered on your website.   For most of those years the mattress was in storage and not used.   Since then it has used […]

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Chronic Neck Pain. We Need New Pillows.

April writes: Hi Pete, We need new pillows for my husband and I. The ones we’ve been buying have flattened out way too quickly. I have a closet full of old pillows and this is getting to be expensive. Can you recommend pillows that last a while? […]

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Natura of Canada Greenspring Mattress to Relieve Back Pain from Herniated Discs.

Judy writes: Hi Pete, I have herniated discs and have had a hard time finding a mattress that doesn’t make my back worse. After reading your blog, I see my mistake in “following the hype”, as you put it. We bought the two most advertised mattresses, with […]

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What Do You Recommend for New Pillows?

Lynn writes: Hi Pete, Lynn again. I just ordered a Simmons Beautyrest mattress and latex topper from you. I was wondering, what do you recommend for new pillows. Thanks for all your help, Lynn Hi Lynn, Thank you for your order. The type of pillows we recommend are made […]

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Pure Talalay Bliss Latex Down Pillow to Relieve Severe Chronic Neck Pain.

Linda writes: Hi Pete, I have severe chronic neck pain. Over the years, I’ve liked the down pillows for comfort, but don’t like having to replace them so frequently. Do you have, or know of a pillow that will relieve my neck pain and last longer? Thanks, […]

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Pure Bliss Pillows vs. My Pillow.

Mary Alice writes: Hi Pete, Which Pure Bliss pillow – soft or medium soft – would you suggest?  I am currently using a My Pillow, the gusseted one, and I’ve been using it since 2011.  I went through so many pillows for several years before buying a My Pillow.  I like a […]

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Advice on a Waterproof Mattress Protector and Healthy Comfortable Pillow.

Merrill writes: Hi Pete, Is there a specific waterproof mattress protector that you recommend? Also, is there a healthy, comfortable, long lasting pillow you recommend? Thanks, Merrill Hi Merrill, Indeed, there is. We carry a very nice Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector from Gotcha Covered. Shown here: https://themattressexpert.com/bedding/gotcha-covered/protectors/ Protectors […]

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A Pure Bliss Latex Pillow to Relieve Severe Chronic Neck Pain

Hi All, For years, I’ve suffered with severe chronic neck pain, due to arthritis in my case. I tried many different types of pillows, but none worked well or for very long. A few years ago, I was introduced to a differently made type of pillow….made of […]

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Shoulder Pain and Numbness on a Serta iComfort Mattress.

Hi Pete, I purchased a Serta iComfort mattress 2 years ago. I wake up often throughout the night with pain and numbness in my arms and shoulders.  I have had 2 back surgeries. This mattress gives my back the support it needs with very little back pain […]

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Replacing a 30 Year Old Mattress Causing Back Pain.

Tina writes: Hi Pete, I cannot afford a really, really expensive bed, but I do need one that will be good for my back pain. I have chronic lower back pain, am sleeping on 30-year-old mattress.   Recently, I put some comforters and down sleeping bag on top—-temporarily. I also […]

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Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush Mattress for Lupus and Fibromyalgia.

Alisa writes: Hi Pete, We have been through multiple beds, (Tempurpedic, loom and leaf, Beautyrest black pillow top), all have resulted in sleeping in a “hole.”   I am 52 years old, 5’9” 190 pounds, had 1 neck surgery and 1 back surgery, have Lupus and Fibromyalgia.   My […]

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Natura of Canada Greenspring Mattress to Relieve Chronic Back Pain. Pure Bliss Latex/Down Pillow to Relieve Chronic Neck Pain.

Wilma writes: Hi Pete, Who knew that choosing a mattress could be such a dizzying experience?  My husband is 6’2 and weighs approx. 185 lbs. I’m 5’0” and weigh 100 lbs.  My husband has suffered decades of chronic pain in his lower back/hip and through his neck.  The pain, […]

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Organic Mattresses and Linens to Relieve Chemical Sensitivity.

Lilly writes: Hi Pete, I have a chemical sensitivity. I can’t even walk into a mattress store, without feeling my throat start to close up on me. I need a chemical free, organic mattress and linens to go with it. Can you point me in the right […]

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Which pillow to Relieve Severe Neck Pain?

Jean writes: Hi Pete, I have severe neck pain, like all the time.  I’ve tried countless types of pillows, which help some for a while then too quickly lose their oomph…and the pain returns. Is there a pillow that will work and not poop out? Thanks, Jean […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Mattress, EverEden Latex Topper, Pure Talalay Bliss Pillow for Neck Pain.

Aaron writes: Hello Pete, My son has a Simmons Beautyrest Silver series mattress in luxury firm.   Do you recommend a latex topper to yous with it? He is 6 and weighs approximately 58 lbs. Also my parents are 69 and 68 and are looking for a new mattress and I […]

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Finely Chopped Latex Pillows to Relieve Neck Pain.

Elsa writes: Hi Pete, What is your advice for latex pillows to relieve neck pain?  I sleep back, side and sometimes stomach.  My partner sleeps mainly side and stomach.  I realize we might need different ones.  Thanks, Elsa Hi Elsa, The nice thing about latex pillows, is that they […]

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Gotcha Covered Gold Plus Pillow.

Stephanie writes: Hi Peter, Concerning the Gotcha Covered Gold Plus pillow, https://themattressexpert.com/xcart5/Gold-Plus-Pillow.html 1) Where is it made? 2) Any chemical antimicrobial treatment? Thanks, Stephanie Hi Stephanie, Here is the response I got from Gotcha Covered about that pillow. These pillows are made in the US.  They have a […]

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Questions About Natura and Pure Bliss Latex Pillows.

Stephanie writes: Hi Peter, I’m interested in some of your pillows and have a couple of questions. 1) What is the size of the Queen Pure Bliss Talalay Latex pillow? https://themattressexpert.com/xcart5/Natural-Talalay-Latex-Pillows.html 2) For a toddler pillow, I see you recommend the Natura Kidz Pillow. Where is the wool located? (https://themattressexpert.com/xcart5/natura-organic-toddler-pillow.html) I’d like […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Black Desiree Mattress and Latex Topper for a Large Woman with Back Pain.

Angie writes: Hi Pete, I need your help and advice on a mattress.  I’m in need of a queen size mattress set for myself, alone. I’m a large woman at 230 lbs, 5′ 9” and mid 40’s.  I currently wake up, with aches and pains on my […]

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