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Sleeping hot on Memory foam and need a Latex Mattress Topper.

Theresa writes: Hi Pete, I purchased a 2 inch memory foam mattress pad and I have a waterproof mattress cover also.  My sheet are more that large enough they just won’t stay on my bed at night. What can I do? Neither the flat nor fitted will stay on my […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Classic Luxury Firm Mattress.

Valerie writes: Hi Pete, I’m look for a Simmons Classic Beautyrest mattress in luxury firm. It’s for my parents, who are in their mid 60s, both fairly small and in good health. I have a luxury firm Beautyrest, which they have tried and liked. What would you have […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Westbury Plush II Mattress.

Edwin writes: Good afternoon, I was interested in getting a price for Simmons Beautyrest Westbury Plush II, King Size mattress. Thank you, Edwin Hello Edwin, “Plush” Beautyrests are made plush by using a much thinner gauge wire for the coils, generating a greater depth of softness. These thin wire […]

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Opinion on a Sealy Optimum Series Radiance Mattress.

Diane writes: Hi Pete, Looking for an opinion on the Sealy Optimum Series Radiance mattress that we just got. I’ve never had a mattress with no coils so I’m quite nervous with this design.  They have a 20 year warranty vs the coil versions averaging 10 years but […]

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What is the firmness level of your Ever-Eden 6″ All Natural Vytex Dunlop Latex Mattress?

Grant writes: Hi Pete, What is the firmness level of your Ever-Eden 6″ All Natural Vytex Dunlop Latex Mattress? Thanks, Grant Hi Grant, That mattress is available in soft, medium or firm.       EverEden Latex Mattresses For Sale | The Mattress Expert These EverEden […]

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Interested in the Two Sided Wolf Brooklyn Plush mattress.

I’m very interested in the two-sided Wolf Brooklyn Plush mattress because it most like the old Sealy Posturepedic Princess of yesteryear.

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Comfortable Latex Pillows for a slender woman and a large man with chronic neck pain.

Paula writes: Hi Pete, I’m a very small woman, 5′ and 100 lbs. My husband is large, but average size for a man, but he suffers from chronic neck pain. We are having a very hard time finding pillows we like. Most we’ve tried seem ok for […]

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Pure Bliss Latex/Down Pillow.

Don writes: Hey Pete: Thank You… Thank You… Thank You for sending the name of the mattress to assist us with making the appropriate mattress. We have learned a great deal from your expertise and much appreciated!!! You are a wealth of information and a blessing to […]

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