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A New Mattress Like Our Bassett Carrington Chase Ultra Plush Latex Mattress.

Joe writes: Hi Pete, We have a Bassett Carrington Chase Ultra Plush latex mattress, that we bought about 15 years ago.  We now need a queen size for another bedroom, which I will be using on a regular basis. Over-all, we’ve been happy with our mattress, but […]

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EverEden Pure All Natural Latex Mattress to Hold Very Large People.

Lynn writes: Hello Peter, I keep coming back to your website after scouring the internet preparing to purchase a mattress for the first time in over 10 years.   My husband and I are very large people, having a combined weight of around 580 pounds. I am focused on […]

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Add an EverEden Latex Topper or Replace the Mattress?

Melissa writes: Hi Pete,  We are considering adding a topper to our mattress before we invest in a new one. It is 7 years old and sits on a platform bed.  We recently stayed at a high end resort that had a Simmons Beautyrest with a pillow […]

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Natura of Canada Greenspring Mattress on a Platform Bed?

Anthony writes: Hi Pete, Thank you for getting back with me so quickly! You suggest me getting the “Natura of Canada Greenspring Plush Eurotop,” as opposed to the “Firm Euro Top”. Why? Natura of Canada Greenspring Pocketed Coil and Latex … Greenspring Liberty Firm Euro Top Experience […]

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A King Size Platform Bed for a 12″ Mattress.

Carlos writes: Hi Pete, I am looking for a king sized platform bed.  Right now, we have a 12 inch deep king sized mattress and box spring.  Will a 12 inch deep mattress work with a platform bed? Will it look right? Thanks, Carlos Hi Carlos, The thickness of […]

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Mattress with a Platform Bed.

Ellen writes: Hi Pete, We own a king size bed, mattress and box spring.  We would like to find a platform bed where the mattress and box spring sits inside the frame.  However, all the platform bed frames make the bed so high I need a ladder […]

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Platform Bed for a Wolf Adara Mattress.

Allie writes: Hi Pete, A few months ago, we bought one of your Adara mattresses for our daughter. She loves it and we’re thankful to you for recommending it.  It’s very comfortable, and sleeps soundly. Now, we want to get a platform bed for her, something cute. The […]

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A Platform Bed for a Stearns and Foster Latex Mattress.

John writes: Hi Pete, We just bought a Stearns and Foster latex mattress.  We originally thought that in the very near future we’d be buying a platform bed, so we did not get a new box spring.  For the moment it’s on the 8-year old Simmons Beautyrest […]

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Recommendation for a Guest Room Mattress.

Hi Pete, We are enjoying the mattress, box spring, and topper that we bought from you a couple of months ago. Can you please make a recommendation for a guest room mattress and box spring…on a full size bed…that gets slept in a maximum of 30 nights in […]

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A Mattress for a Plus Size Woman with RA on a Budget.

Valerie writes: Hi Pete,  I’m 51 years old plus size woman and I’ve suffered from RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) for over half of my life. I had a stroke, awhile back, and could no longer work.  I’m on a disability budget that makes life just bearable. I’m in need […]

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Dunlop Latex Mattress on a Platform Bed.

Anne writes: Hi Pete, I want to buy a platform bed and a Dunlop latex mattress.  My brother has one that he bought from you. I was able to nap on it. It’s a nice mattress to sleep on makes a world of difference.  Anne. Hi Anne, […]

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A Decorative Platform Bed Instead of a Standard Boxspring for my Mattress?

Ellen writes: Hi Pete, Is a decorative platform bed, instead of a standard boxspring, ok to use with my mattress? I like the look of the platform beds, but worry that the support for the mattress won’t be good enough. Thanks, Ellen Hi Ellen, Today’s mattress industry […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Black Reyna Pillowtop Mattress at Macy’s.

Tom writes: Hi Pete, Thanks for your response.  We had pretty much decided on the Beautyrest Black Reyna luxury firm pillowtop, at Macy’s.   The platform bed we’re getting meets the requirements you describe. Then I read some more of your responses to letters from others where you […]

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Soft Talalay Latex Topper for a Too Firm Mattress on a Platform Bed.

Andrew writes: Hello Pete, We purchased a queen platform bed for our son who is 4 (a bed for him to grow into).   We have tried a couple of innerspring mattresses, both ending up feeling too firm, (for me in particular, just reading in bed with him […]

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Sealy Posturepedic Plush Mattress Sinks Causing Lower Back Pain.

Hi Pete, I have had a Sealy Posturepedic plush mattress for less than a month, and I feel that my hips sink in too much and when I wake I have lower back pain. My prior mattress was too firm and old and I felt shoulder and hip pain […]

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Does the Natura Greenspring Liberty Firm Eurotop Mattress need a Latex topper?

Veroa writes: Hi Pete,  If I were to buy, the Natura Greenspring Liberty Firm Eurotop, you would NOT recommend I also buy a latex topper, as it already has latex in it, correct? Also, we have a wood platform bed, adding the foundation to a mattress would make the […]

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Platform Bed and/or Boxspring for the Natura Greenspring Liberty Plush Mattress.

Jonathon writes: Hi Pete, Is a boxspring needed on a platform bed, to go with the Natura Greenspring Liberty Plush?         Natura Greenspring Pocketed Coil Mattresses | The Mattress … Greenspring Liberty Plush Euro Top. Experience deeper, more restorative sleep with the Liberty […]

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A 2″ Soft Talalay Latex Topper for a Too Firm Mattress.

Bruno writes: Hello, I have hernia of disc in the lumbar region (L4 and L5), sleep sideways and weigh 180lb, my wife sleeps sideways and weighs 140lb. I bought about a month at Ikea a firm mattress of spring (Sultan Hogla) and a bed with slatted base […]

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Mattress suggestion, Wolf Adrian?

Shannon writes: Hello Pete, My lower back prefers firm support. I’m generally a side/front sleeper but sometimes sleep on my back, about 185# with girl shaped hips. Long ago I had a Serta two-sided ultra firm mattress/box spring set that was very comfortable and lasted more than […]

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Mattress for 2 year old and possible fix for king mattress.

Megan writes: Thank you so much for your expertise.   Question 1:  We just purchased a queen blue-dot nook platform bed (image attached) as a long term bed for our now 2 1/2 year old.  As we continue to work on him sleeping better on his own, […]

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Mattress on Platform Bed causing hip pain.

Crickett writes: Hello, I used to get hip pain every single night. I have a puffy top mattress. On top of that I have  3″ foam topper, and on top of that I have a 2.5 inch mattress pad. The bed was amazing! The hip pain was […]

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King Platform Bed for a 12″ mattress.

Marlene writes: Hi Pete, I am looking for a king sized platform bed. Right now, we have a 12 inch deep king sized mattress and box spring. Will a 12 inch deep mattress work with a platform bed? Will it look right?  Do you have platform beds available? Thanks, Marlene […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Mattress on a Platform Bed.

Terry writes: Peter, My wife has picked the bedroom furniture she is purchasing.  The bed is designed with an elevated platform and there is really no space for the box springs. Is it an issue to not have the box springs with the “World Class Annapolis Place […]

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Simmons World Class or Black Mattress for a large man.

Karen writes: Is the Simmons Beautyrest Annapolis Place in Luxury Firm with (2" latex foam topper) the right mattress for side sleepers, husband 225 lbs, with no movement noticeable.   Or is the Simmons Black needed? Also what is the scoop on Kluft Mattress to which I […]

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A Platform Bed with a High Quality Simmons Black Mattress.

Jennifer writes: Hello Peter, I have discovered your blog just in time.   My husband and I are looking for an entirely new bed set-up and we need advice regarding whether to purchase a platform or conventional bed, a single mattress or mattress/box spring and, specifically, what […]

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