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A Mattress with a Strong Edge for a Large Man.

Andrew writes: Hi Peter, I have read and heard great things about you and I am looking for advice on a mattress with extra strong edge support.  I am a large man (5’10” and 275 lbs) and I have ruined every mattress we have owned because I sleep on my […]

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Mattress for back pain, large woman, Simmons Beautyrest Black Calista and Latex Topper.

Maryann writes: Hi Pete,  I am a 36 y/o woman, 5’4″ and 235 lbs, not the ideal weight since I have 3 herniated disks from L3-S1.  I was diagnosed after months and months of pain since late Sept. 2015.  I’ve done some pain management – which worked for a […]

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A Natura Greenspring Mattress for a Big Man from Canada.

Kevin writes: Hi Pete, Really informative site. Thanks very much. I am a big man from Canada,  I weigh 380 lbs and was wondering what the Simmons Black Calista would be called in Toronto.  I haven’t had much luck finding one up here and was thinking of getting one and […]

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Latex Mattress are Best for Resisting Body Impressions.

Maria writes: Hi Pete, Does a mattress remain consistent under the heaviest part of the body (hips, for instance) over time, or does it finally leave a permanent dip under the hips which never rebounds?  The described “dip” or breakdown under body curves has a profound effect […]

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A Good Mattress for My 300 Lb. Son That Will Last.

Connie writes: Hi Pete, I am interested in a mattress that will support my 300 lb. son.  I don’t want it to break the bank, but need a good mattress with medium support that will last. Can you help with suggestions? Thanks, Connie Hi Connie, Funny. I was […]

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Replacing a Horrible 4 Year Old Sealy Posturepedic Pillowtop Mattress.

Ella writes: Hi Pete, I need help purchasing the perfect mattress after surviving a horrible Sealy Posturepedic pillow top mattress that we purchased just 4 years ago.  That mattress just collapsed, forming individual valleys where we slept.  My husband weighs approximately 300 lbs and I’m half that size.  What […]

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Which is the Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia?

  Too often, those suffering with Fibromyalgia place their focus on surface comfort and forget about support. Too often, those suffering from Fibromyalgia will buy a soft mattress, only to find that it wears out much too quickly. These are common mistakes. Simply put, your body has […]

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Recommendation for a Mattress Like My 11 Year Old Sealy SpringFree Meadows Latex.

Daniel writes: Hi, Peter, I purchased a Sealy SpringFree Meadows Latex Mattress from you back in 2006.   I’ve had it for 11 years since you sold it to me, and it’s the best bed I’ve ever had, and it’s still doing just fine without any problems. However, I’m looking […]

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Looking to buy a comfortable king mattress to support a large man on a budget.

Jessica writes: I am looking into buying a new King size mattress (only) for me and my husband.  My husband is 6’1″ 350 lbs. and I am 5’7″ 240 lbs.  I want something that is soft, but supportive. I also want something of quality that will last […]

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Latex Mattress Suggestions for Heavy People.

Mike writes: Hi Pete, My wife and I are in need of a new mattress and while doing research online I came across your website: After reading the “What You Need to Know” section and the testimonials, I’m interested in what you might suggest that we purchase. […]

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Natura Greenspring Mattress for Large People.

Cate writes: Hi Pete, Love the information you give out on your blog. My husband and I are in desperate need of replacing our very old mattress and wondering what you would recommend for us.  We have been sleeping on a SpringAir Majestic. We loved it for […]

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Wolf Two Sided Mattress and EverEden Vytex Dunlop Latex Topper for a 350 Lb. Man.

Vicky writes: Hi Pete, My husband is 6’4″ 350 pounds.  We need a mattress to support him and his back.   Is the Wolf brand mattress supportive enough for this weight limit? Thanks, Vicky Hi Vicky, The two sided Wolf mattresses use a very strong coil unit…the strongest available. […]

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Desperate Plus-size Couple in need of a mattress that will give us a great night sleep.

Tanya writes: Dear Mattress Expert, We have BIG problems: I’m 340 lbs and my husband is 320. He is a back and sidesleeper and I am a side and stomach sleeper. We toss and turn all night.  I have Rheumatoid arthritis and mild apnea, he is diabetic […]

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A Mattress that will Hold Up to a Big Man, with Shoulder, Hip and Neck Pain.

Santa writes: Hi Pete, I’m a big man…320/340 lbs. I’ve already bought and returned a couple of mattresses and I want something that will hold me and be comfortable. I have a sore neck, hip and shoulder. So, the mattress must address these issues. What’s more, I’m […]

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Best Mattress Choice for people with different needs.

Tracey writes: Greetings,I’ve just read through your blog for heavy people and found it very, very informative.  We have a Stearns & Foster pillowtop mattress that we forced to “last” 13 years (it’s needed replacing for at least the last 5.)  The reason we’ve waited so long? […]

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Wolf Two Sided Mattress & Latex Topper to replace an old S&F for heavy people.

Dan writes: Hi Pete, My wife and I are shopping for a new mattress.  We are both heavy, over 250 lbs., and we both like soft/plush mattresses.  We are both primarily side sleepers.   We are concerned about long term durability and comfort of plush pillow top mattresses.  My […]

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A Firm Two Sided Wolf Tulah Mattress for a 300 Lb. Man.

Scott writes: Hi Pete, Do you have any 2-sided (flip type) very firm mattresses to recommend? I find these hold up much better under my weight, (300 lbs.) Thanks, Scott Hi Scott, After mattresses went one-sided, plenty of people wrote me about wanting their two-sided beds back. We’ve […]

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A New Mattress that Sleeps Cool for Large People.

Sue writes: Hi Pete, My husband and I are each 350 lbs.  Two years ago we purchased a firm memory foam from a mattress store and as you probably can imagine it’s been terrible.   And its definitely not enough support. From your previous responses I can’t tell […]

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A Mattress and Latex Topper for Large People.

Ken writes: Hi Pete, I’m 6’4″ and 300 lbs back sleeper, and my wife is under 200 lbs side sleeper. We’ve been through three beautyrests over the past 12 years, one plush, one luxury firm, one firm.   They all started out great for the first month, but in the end they all […]

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All Natural Latex Mattress suggestion for a big man and elderly woman.

Jerry writes: Hi Pete,  I just bought a new home and will need a King size bed and also mattress. Want a top luxury comfort mattress that will last a while (probably need a latex topper too).  Bed needs to be low enough for an 89 year old […]

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Large Man with Back Hip Shoulder & Neck Pain, Stearns & Foster Estate Luxury Plush King Mattress?

Jim writes: Hi Pete, I purchased a Stearns & Foster Estate Luxury Plush King Mattress.  Having back, hip, shoulder and neck pain along with my weight of 230 pounds, I felt it would be the right mattress for me after testing it for about 30 minutes, in terms […]

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Two Sided Therapedic Medi-Coil Permatuft Mattress for a 350 lb. Man.

Chris writes: I am a huge 350 lb. man and have a bad back. I want a mattress for a California King that will give me a good nights sleep. What would you recommend? Thanks, Chris Hi Chris, A good night’s sleep is had with proper support […]

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All Natural Latex Mattress for Large People.

Amanda writes: Dear Pete, Thank you for your candid, knowledgeable advice.  My husband and I are both large people (600 lbs between us). Neither finds our 2-year-old mattress particularly comfortable anymore (purchased from Denver Mattress Company–I believe it was a Durango firm or firm/plush).  How I wish […]

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Mattresses for a Big & Tall Man.

Scott writes: Hi there!  I’m a 6’3″, 400lb, side-back-stomach sleeper and am looking at getting a new queen mattress.  Tried out a 13″ pranasleep latex mattress locally the other day and really liked it but it is way too pricey. Since I’m not only looking for comfort/support, […]

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