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What depth sheets do I need for a Natura Greenspring Plush Mattress and 2″ Latex Topper?

Rosemarie writes: Hi Pete, What depth sheets do I need for a Natura Greenspring Plush Mattress and 2″ Latex Topper? Last year, when I first asked about sheets, the ones you carry were not in stock. Can you help? Thanks, Rosemarie Good Morning Rosemarie, The total height of […]

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Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Encasement.

Sleep & Beyond Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Encasement https://themattressexpert.com/xcart5/sleep-and-beyond-organic-cotton-waterproof-mattress-encasement FedEx Shipping is FREE and there’s NO Sales Tax. Thanks, Pete   Every Mattress is Freshly Made to fill your order…Guaranteed!   VERY IMPORTANT: Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase its longevity. We recommend our Organic […]

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What’s the best waterproof mattress protector?

Tanya writes: Hi Pete, Getting a good waterproof mattress protector is more difficult than it needs to be. I’ve purchased some that have created unforeseen problems. The first one made a plasticky crinkling sound that was incredibly annoying. The second one had a terrycloth top that caused […]

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Sheets that would fit my 15″ mattress.

Gregg writes: Hi Pete, I don’t see any place to submit the order on line for sheets that would fit my 15″ mattress?  It’s a Sealy pillow top mattress, queen size. My sheets do not fit over/under the corners of the mattress.  Please reply with a link […]

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Back and Hip Pain on a Serta iComfort Hybrid mattress.

Tony writes: Hi Pete, I need some help with purchasing a mattress.   I need to purchase a new mattress because my Serta iComfort Hybrid broke down too early.   Sleeping on it gives me back pain and hip pain.   I understand the back pain but […]

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Replacing an old Stearns and Foster Oxford St. mattress.

Mary Beth writes: Hi Pete, I’m replacing an old Stearns and Foster Oxford St. mattress. Is there anything available, today, that would be the same as this one? Thanks, Mary Beth Hi Mary Beth, Stearns and Foster had been owned by Sealy at the time your Oxford St. mattress […]

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Disappointed with our Consumer Reports recommended mattress.

Nancy writes: Hi, Pete. I have been paying attention to your website for a while now. Thank you, so much, for all the information you provide!  Your advice to others leads me to the Natura Greenspring Ultra Plush mattress.  My husband and I are both seniors and have various […]

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