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Your thoughts on 2 mattresses please.

Art writes: Hello Peter, I found some of your reviews online and was hoping you could lend your expertise to the 2 mattresses that are available here in Barbados West Indies. One is the Therapedic Backsense Mattress, Hour Glass Back Support, made expressly for Cost U Less Store. […]

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Therapedic – A strong mattress to hold a very large teenager.

Bruno writes: Hi Pete, I have a couple problems. One, is the need for a mattress that will hold a large child. Our teenager son in a Center of his high school football team. He’s a very big boy. The other problem is the cost. You can […]

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Well Made, Reasonably Prices Mattress for Our Teen Daughter.

Brenda writes:   We're looking for a full-size mattress for my 15-year old daughter (mattress only). We got a quote for the Sealy Posturpedic Gel Series mattress for $840. Is that a decent price? What is your thought on this mattress? She is a side-sleeper and likes relatively firm […]

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A good firm mattress with a soft latex topper.

Grady writes: Hi Pete, First let me say that I feel I know more about mattresses since finding your blog yesterday than my entire life combined. You have confirmed some of my "gut" feelings mostly regarding pillow tops and their seeming uselessness versus a swappable latex topper. So, here's my scenario. […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Adamsville Mattress.

Kim writes: We got the Simmons Beautyrest Adamsville mattress from you 4 years ago. Do you have anything similar in deal and value? We like this mattress. Thanks, Kim Hi Kim, I loved that mattress, too. It was an exceptional value to my customers and I'm glad […]

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A Good Economy Mattress for a slender woman with scoliosis.

Rachel writes: Hi Pete, I’m so glad I found your website.  I've learned a lot just from reading your previous posts.  But I’d also like some advice.  I’m 27, 5’6”, and 105 lbs.  I also have scoliosis, causing lower back problems, and some upper.  I've had my current mattress […]

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High Quality Sealy Posturepedic Mattress.

Karen writes: Hi Peter. I'm looking for a high quality, firm queen-sized mattress. I like the Sealy Posturpedics. Thanks for your help. Karen   Hi Karen, I guessing the you mean, "Like the Sealy Posturepedics used to be". There are a couple of "used to be's" to […]

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