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Mattress Warranty Claim and Inspection.

Ryan writes: Hi Pete, I have gone through 3 mattresses, that dip in the middle, in the last year.  I am 5’11 side/stomach sleeper. I often sit on my bed and watch tv. I do not mind firm or soft.  My gf has a really firm one that I […]

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Questions about Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Warranty and a Futon Mattress.

Annette writes: Wow, Pete! I am I happy to have found you!  I think you are just the right entity to help me….   I have a Simmons Beautyrest mattress that just had a spring pop through, ( at the edge of the mattress).   The tag is still attached […]

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Body Impressions with a Serta Pillowtop Mattress in Less Than a Year.

Jimmy writes: Hi Pete, I bought a Serta pillowtop mattress from Ashley Furniture, two years ago. I bought a floor model on sale.  In less than a year it started developing body impressions on each sides.  I am a big guy, but my wife is petite, and both […]

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Mattress Firm Has Declared Bankruptcy.

Jules writes: Hi Pete, I just bought a mattress from Mattress Firm. Now, I see that they’ve declared bankruptcy. What’s going on? Will my warranty still be in effect? Thanks, Jules Hi Jules, It was only a matter of time. They expanded way to quickly…buying up smaller […]

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Mattress Warranty Problem.

Fergie writes: Cheers, Pete. I purchased a quality mattress from a UK manufacturer in 2013 which is faulty.. confirmed by seller on visit to my house. The manufacture will not deal with problem or respond to correspondence. What can I do about this warranty claim? Thanks, Fergie Hi […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Warranty Claim Information.

David writes: Hi Pete, I have a Simmons Beautyrest mattress that is several years old. I need to initiate a warranty claim, but the store where I bought it, is no longer in business. Can you help me get this started? Thanks, David Hi David, Here is […]

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Stearns and Foster Mattress Warranty is Void without the original receipt.

Jenlu writes: Good morning Pete, In searching the Internet for information on my mattress, I came across an email with your information.  I bought a Stearns and Foster mattress from a store in Charleston South Carolina that is no longer in business.  It was manufactured in January, […]

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Mattress Warranty Issue, Buying a Floor Sample.

Andy writes: Hello Pete, I am currently shopping for a new bed set and the sales person offered to lessen the price by selling me a floor model box spring. How safe and practical is this?  How likely will the boxspring live compared to the new mattress?  Any […]

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Stearns and Foster Warranty Exchange Equivalent Mattress.

Hi Peter, Sorry to bombard you with questions, but you really do seem to be the “EXPERT!”   I don’t feel like I’m being misled or lied to when I get information from you.   Initially our retailer tried very hard turn our warranty claim into a second […]

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How Do I deal with a Toxic Sealy Posturepedic Mattress?

Jess writes: Hi Pete, I recently purchased a Sealy Posturepedic mattress from Macy’s.  When it arrived, the delivery team removed the plastic and there was a potent nauseating synthetic smell.  The smell was so strong that we had to open our windows for a few days in attempt […]

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Sealy Posturepedic South Court Plush European Pillowtop Mattress Warranty Problem.

Marc writes: Hi Pete,  I have a Sealy Posturepedic South Court Plush European Pillowtop, queen sized mattress, purchased in 2010.  I contacted Sealy about a warranty claim, which they are accepting, and will offer me a new mattress. They are telling me the comparable model series is […]

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Stearns and Foster Mattress Warranty Information.

Ellen writes: Hi Pete, In 2011, I had emailed you for advice on a new mattress. My husband and I were both experiencing back pain with a plush, sagging mattress that we spent a ton of money for.  You explained to me that firm is the way […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Annapolis Place Pillowtop Mattress Warranty Problem.

Ginny writes: Hi Pete, We bought a Simmons Beautyrest World Class Annapolis Place Pillowtop King size set on 3/12/13. We sleep in two sunken valleys with a big hump in between & wake with back aches & leg aches everyday. Will Simmons warranty work on this mattress? What kind […]

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A Stain on My Serta i-Comfort Mattress Voided the Warranty.

Will writes: Hi Pete, I have a Serta i-Comfort Mattress. It has developed a sizable sag in only a year’s time. The store, where I bought it, sent someone to inspect it but was told that the warranty was void, due to a small stain on the […]

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Mattress Warranty Exchange Problems.

Anita writes: Hi Pete, I got a warranty exchange authorization for a replacement mattress.  But, I cannot find a replacement at the store.  I have a large mattress credit at a furniture store that does not have the mattress I want.  Any suggestions?  AnitaHi Anita, First, contact the mattress manufacturer and explain this […]

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Sealy Posturepedic plush pillowtop mattress warranty exchange.

Kim writes: Hi Pete, We had a Sealy Posturepedic plush pillowtop mattress that we loved – but it started sagging terribly and creaked too much.   We recently did a warranty exchange and were given a prorated amount to put towards a new bed.   On the salesman’s recommendation […]

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Sagging Simmons Beauty Sleep Bartlett Pillowtop.

Joe writes: Hello & Happy New Year! We need an opinion from The Mattress Expert…we bought the Simmons Beauty Sleep Bartlett pillow-top mattress in August 2013. I weight 165, my wide 135, so it seems it is sagging a bit more than it should.  Based on the photo, can […]

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Mattress Warranty Claim & Inspection.

Ryan writes: I have gone through 3 mattresses that dip in the middle in the last year. I am 5’11 side/stomach sleeper. I often sit on my bed and watch tv. I do not mind firm or soft my gf has a really firm one I enjoy […]

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S&F Ingrid Pillowtop Clearance Mattress.

Jim writes: Hi Pete, I have purchased and Ingrid Firm Pillowtop from a local dealer.  He delivered A Shayla which i did not like. I asked him to take it back, which he did. After doing research i found a website that gave great specs and also […]

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Mattress Warranty with an Old Boxspring.

Steve writes: If I've already got a high-quality box (albeit 10 years old), why buy anything but a replacement mattress?  What is the lifespan for a decent box?  Does it affect the warranty of the new mattress?  Thanks, Steve     Hi Steve, While not as noticeable as a […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Warranty Issue, sagging mattress.

Sachia writes: Hey, I have a quick question. I have a Coronado Dual Comfort Beautrest Simmons mattress that I purchased 9 years ago and its been sagging a lot. Gives a great sleep tho. Well Simmons has agreed to allow me to pick one of their mattresses and […]

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High Quality Mattress you can flip. Therapedic Cameo Plush Two-sided

Frank writes: Hi Pete, I wrote you yesterday about my Spring Air mattress. Thank you for your quick and thorough response. You advised me to register a complaint with my retailer. Unfortunately, my mattress does have a perspiration stain from me sleeping on it without any covers. […]

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Spring Air Mattress gone bad. Back, Shoulder & Hip Pain.

Frank Writes: I recently found your site, and am very appreciative of the advice you  give concerning mattress selection.  I recently purchased a Spring Air  mattress, less than 18 months ago. About a month and a half ago, I heard  a couple of the springs inside "pop", […]

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Kingsdown Warranty Claim Denied.

  Albert writes:  I’m responding because of a blog that asked about a denied claim on 1.25  inch indentation. What is the best thing to do when a claim is denied? My indentation is 1.5″ on one side. A picture was taken as proof! They  are claiming […]

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