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Innerspring Mattresses with NO Memory Foam, available for delivery before Christmas.

Good quality Innerspring Mattresses with NO Memory Foam, available for delivery before Christmas. Click on this link to view specifications and prices: https://themattressexpert.com/our-brands/wolf-mattress/ UPS shipping is free and there’s no sales tax. Thanks, Pete   VERY IMPORTANT: Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase its longevity. We recommend our Organic […]

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I need the Wolf mattress in King for $1000.

Kathy writes: Hi Pete, I need the Wolf mattress in King for $1000…not a foundation, just a mattress.  Ours are about 3 years old… but we have had it in storage and moved it several times. Do you deliver to Mississippi? Would you say this is as […]

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A Mattress on a Budget for a Large Man.

Albert writes: Hi Pete, I’m looking for a mattress and have a budget of $1000, or so, for a king size.  I have boxsprings that are only a couple of years old. I spent a lot of money on my current pillowtop mattress, which also has memory […]

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Recommended by a previous mattress customer.

Frank writes: Hi Peter, I have not been to your blog or website. I was recommended to you by a previous mattress customer….a fellow I met on the train to work. He described what he bought as an old fashioned two sided mattress. That’s all he could remember. […]

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What mattress is closest to the Simmons Beautyrest Adamsville Firm.

Michelle writes: Hi Pete, We bought a Simmons Beautyrest Adamsville firm mattress from you many years ago,  that we have loved.  It’s time for a new one – do you happen to know what mattress is closest to the Adamsville Firm? Thanks, Michelle Hi Michelle, I’m sorry to […]

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Reasonably Priced Guest Mattress.

Charles writes: Hi Pete, Our guest bedroom needs a new mattress…just a mattress, no boxspring. I don’t want to spend a lot on it, so I need it to be reasonably priced. The problem is that some of my guests like it firm, while others like it […]

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What is the Best Mattress for the Least Amount of Money?

Jennifer writes: Hi Pete, My husband and I have been out of work for almost a year. It does look like we’ll be getting back to work soon, as our governor has lifted all restrictions. We’ve needed a new mattress for some time, now, but haven’t had […]

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Two Sided Mattress with No Memory Foam.

Les writes: Hi Pete, I’m looking for a two sided mattress with no memory foam in it. A friend told me that you have such a mattress available. Can you send me the link to that mattress? Thanks, Les Hi Les, Thank your friend for me. None […]

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A Good Quality, Inexpensive Mattress for a Guest Bedroom.

Alberta writes: Hi Pete, I’m looking for a good quality, inexpensive mattress for a guest bedroom. I want one with no memory foam. Can you help me find what I’m looking for? Thanks, Alberta Hi Alberta, Indeed, I can! Here is a link to an Old Fashioned Two […]

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Replacement Mattress for a Simmons Beautyrest World Class Winthrop Elite Pillowtop.

Barbara writes: Hello Pete, I purchased a Simmons Beautyrest World Class Winthrop Elite Pillowtop Queen mattress set in 2000.  Do you know what the current replacement would be for that model and if it is comparable in quality and comfort? Thank you in advance for your assistance. […]

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What is the Maintenance Procedure for a Two-Sided Mattress.

Paula writes: Hi Pete, Last month, we bought one of your Wolf two-sided mattresses. It was the Brolynn Plush. https://themattressexpert.com/our-brands/two-sided-mattresses/ Wolf Double Sided Flippable Mattresses | The Mattress Expert Magniflex Adjustable Bed Base. The Uno Smart adjustable base created by Magniflex is a product of German engineering that […]

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Loved a Mattress at Quality Inn Hotel.

Lana writes: Hi Pete, I slept on a mattress at a Quality Inn Hotel in Biloxi, MS. I loved it! Best sleep in years!  I’m wondering if I can find one like it to purchase? Thanks, Lana Hi Lana, Hotel mattresses, made by Simmons and Sealy, are […]

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A High Quality Mattress and Adjustable Bed Base on a Budget.

Allen writes: Hi Pete, My wife and I are looking for a high quality mattress and adjustable bed base. The problem is money. We are on a budget and these things seem to be so very expensive. My wife suffers with poor circulation in her legs and […]

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Good Quality, Inexpensive Mattress for a College Student.

Lucille writes: Hi Pete, I’ve been referred to you by one of your happy customers, my mom. I’m in need of a good quality, inexpensive mattress for a college student. My daughter’s dorm room mattress is horrible. It seems that if I want a better mattress for […]

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Sealy Response Performance Memory Foam Mattress Causing Hip and Back Pain.

Mandy writes: Hi Pete, I have followed the blog a bit and have gathered a lot of insightful information for my current situation.  I still wanted to reach out to you for a mattress recommendation.   I’m a middle aged, heavy  (200 lbs., 5’4″) pear-shaped female. I […]

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A Good Quality Mattress that Won’t Break the Bank.

Karen writes: Hi Pete, I need a mattress for my 13 year old nephew. He’s getting tall, but is expected to be average in weight. I need a recommendation for a good quality mattress that doesn’t break the bank. Also, I need a recommendation on some sort […]

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A Guest Room Mattress Needed for Thanksgiving.

Evelyn writes: Hi Pete,  I’m in a pinch. I just found out that we’re having guests from out of town for Thanksgiving. I would hate for them to sleep on the old mattress I have in my guest room. Is there something without memory foam that you can […]

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Guest Bedroom Mattress for People with Different Needs.

Carl writes: Hi Pete, We have to buy a mattress for our guest bedroom. The problem we face is that this mattress will be regularly used by people with different needs. My parents are smaller people and prefer a softer feel. My wife’s parents are a bit […]

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EverEden 8″ Poly/Latex Hybrid Guest Room Mattress.

Melissa writes: Hi Pete, My son just moved into his first apartment, at school, and took his old mattress from his room with him. So we need a replacement mattress for our guest room. Cost is a factor!   I was specifically looking at the EverEden 8” poly/latex […]

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Wolf Two Sided Duo Comfort Mattress.

Andrew writes: Hi Pete, I’m interested in the Wolf two sided Duo Comfort mattress. Is the firm side really firm or more a cushion/luxury firm? Thanks, Andrew  Hi Andrew, The firm side of the Wolf Two Sided Duo Comfort mattress is more of a Cushion/Luxury Firm. It’s not stiff. […]

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