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Weekend Home Mattress suggestions.

Roger writes: Hi Pete, I have been reading some of your posts and thought I’d ask for suggestions on our home bed and then mattresses for our weekend house. My wife I and are 5’9 155 and 6’1″ 185 respectively.   At home we sleep on a […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid Mattress for a 3 Year Old Child.

Sarah writes: Hi Pete, I am currently looking for a full size mattress for my three year old.  I know you are currently recommending the Wolf Latex Hybrid Adrian. We will probably go with that.   However, are there any of the Simmons Beautyrest options that you still […]

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Desperate Plus-size Couple in need of a mattress that will give us a great night sleep.

Tanya writes: Dear Mattress Expert, We have BIG problems: I’m 340 lbs and my husband is 320. He is a back and sidesleeper and I am a side and stomach sleeper. We toss and turn all night.  I have Rheumatoid arthritis and mild apnea, he is diabetic […]

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Wolf Two Sided Flippable Tulah Mattress.

Gregory writes: Hi Pete, What are the dimensions of the Wolf Two-Sided Flippable Mattress…The Tulah in Firm…full size?  Hi Gregory, 53″ x 74″ is the usual finished size of a full size mattress. That can vary a little. The stated size is 54″ x 75″, but there is usually some “shrinkage” […]

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Top Quality Two-Sided Wolf Brooklyn Plush Mattress.

Melissa writes: Hi There Pete,I use to have a Sealy Posturepedic Strathmore 2 plush mattress, and loved it.  I still have it in my guestroom and it has help up great over 16 years.  We have an adjustable base now, and it was not advised to put this […]

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A Mattress that will Hold Up to a Big Man, with Shoulder, Hip and Neck Pain.

Santa writes: Hi Pete, I’m a big man…320/340 lbs. I’ve already bought and returned a couple of mattresses and I want something that will hold me and be comfortable. I have a sore neck, hip and shoulder. So, the mattress must address these issues. What’s more, I’m […]

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Wolf Two Sided Mattress to replace an Old Sealy Two Sided Mattress.

Jonathan writes: Hi Pete,We are looking to replace an old Sealy Posturepedic two-sided mattress. We’ve been very happy with our mattress of over the last 10 years (given to us) and don’t want to mess with a good time thing… From what I can tell, Sealy  no longer […]

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A Wolf Latex/Hybrid Adara Mattress for my Mother with Parkinson’s and Arthritis.

Odete writes: Hello Peter,I need some expert guidance.  My mother suffers from Parkinson’s and on top of that has arthritis in her lower spine.  Both of which make it difficult for her to lay in bed for more than 2-3 hours and get out of bed when […]

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Best Mattress Choice for people with different needs.

Tracey writes: Greetings,I’ve just read through your blog for heavy people and found it very, very informative.  We have a Stearns & Foster pillowtop mattress that we forced to “last” 13 years (it’s needed replacing for at least the last 5.)  The reason we’ve waited so long? […]

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Wolf Brand Coil/Latex Hybrid mattress.

Beth writes: Dear Mattress Expert, My husband and I have been researching the Wolf brand Coil/Latex Hybrid mattress line, and came across your blog. I see that you recommend some of their hybrid latex models on your site.  So we were wondering if you are familiar with a model called the “Legacy Firm” […]

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Which Wolf Double Sided Mattress?

JB writes: Hi Pete, Here are my specifics. I am about 5’3″ and weigh about 190 lbs. I lay on my back at times but don’t sleep on it. I go to my side in the “between sleep & wake” phases. But I sleep on my stomach.  I can […]

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Wolf Two Sided Mattress & Latex Topper to replace an old S&F for heavy people.

Dan writes: Hi Pete, My wife and I are shopping for a new mattress.  We are both heavy, over 250 lbs., and we both like soft/plush mattresses.  We are both primarily side sleepers.   We are concerned about long term durability and comfort of plush pillow top mattresses.  My […]

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Two Sided Wolf Tulah Firm Flippable Mattress.

Ray writes: Hi Pete, Are you sure the two sided Wolf Tulah in firm is the hardest/firmest (rock hard), non pillow top,  flippable mattress, giving least amount of body impressions that I can get ?   I am very nervous about buying a mattress that I have not laid on. […]

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Interested in the Two Sided Wolf Brooklyn Plush mattress.

I’m very interested in the two-sided Wolf Brooklyn Plush mattress because it most like the old Sealy Posturepedic Princess of yesteryear.

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Wolf Mattress for Boy’s Bunk Bed.

Tracy writes: Hi Pete, We bought our son a twin mattress from you about 3 or 4 years ago and it’s been great.   We have two boys who are 5 and 6 1/2 and we just ordered them full size beds that can be bunked (which we […]

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A Firm Two Sided Wolf Tulah Mattress for a 300 Lb. Man.

Scott writes: Hi Pete, Do you have any 2-sided (flip type) very firm mattresses to recommend? I find these hold up much better under my weight, (300 lbs.) Thanks, Scott Hi Scott, After mattresses went one-sided, plenty of people wrote me about wanting their two-sided beds back. We’ve […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid is the Best Mattress on a Budget.

George writes: Hi Pete, Love the blog. Thanks for all the great information. My wife and I, who are both average size, have been looking for a mattress that: 1) Has no memory foam 2) Is reasonably priced 3) Will reduce motion transfer 4) Hold up well […]

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Wolf Old Fashioned Two Sided, Flippable Mattress.

Gary writes: Hi Pete, I see you carry two sided flippable mattresses by The Wolf Company. I am very interested in getting one of these mattresses through your website. I live in Canada, but frequently cross the border into the US on business. Is there an easy way […]

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Wolf Tulah Firm Two Sided Mattress.

Jane writes: Peter – You are right on target about one-sided mattresses, mine starting sagging after 2 months of use. I deeply regret getting rid of my old 2-sided mattress and buying this 1-sided piece of junk that I currently have – But I digress…so far I have found (3) […]

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Wolf Adrian Latex Hybrid One Sided Mattress vs Wolf Tulah Two Sided Model with Latex Topper.

Patrick writes: Hi Pete, My wife and I have been trying to find a suitable sleeping situation for all the 28 years we’ve been married. I think we’re really close.   About three years ago we bought a very expensive organic latex mattress with a couple of toppers made from the […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid Mattresses for Children.

Neil writes: Hi Pete, We spoke over the phone, and you were telling me about the Wolf Hybrid mattresses, made of coils and all natural latex. They sounded pretty good, and I was hoping you could tell me a little more about them and need a link […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Broadway with a soft latex topper or the two-sided Wolf Brooklyn mattress in plush.

Daniel writes: Hi Pete, After going through the blog and reading your recommendations many times over I have narrowed my selection down to either the  with a soft latex topper or the two-sided Wolf Brooklyn  in plush.  Out of the two, which would you recommend? Would the Brooklyn be as […]

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