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A Mattress on a Budget for a Large Man.

Albert writes: Hi Pete, I’m looking for a mattress and have a budget of $1000, or so, for a king size.  I have boxsprings that are only a couple of years old. I spent a lot of money on my current pillowtop mattress, which also has memory […]

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I need to replace a Simmons Beautyrest Ultra Firm from over 30 years ago.

Sayde writes: Hello Pete, I’ve been diagnosed with spinal stenosis of the lumbar spine.  My current mattress is a Simmons Beautyrest Ultra Firm from over 30 years ago.  It has been excellent up until the last few years. I need to replace it.  I see there is […]

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I don’t want to buy another Simmons Beautyrest Mattress.

Diana writes: Hi Pete, As I think you may be on the East Coast and I’m on the West coast, it’s probably better to ask my questions in an email vs trying to get a hold of you on the phone.   I have read a fair […]

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I need a good comfortable mattress for our college student, quickly.

Jillian writes: Hi Pete, I’m in need of a good comfortable mattress for our college student. The mattress they provide is not, at all, comfortable. And, I need it quickly. Thanks, Jillian Hi Jillian, The Wolf Old Fashioned Two Sided Brolynn Plush Mattress will do the job nicely. […]

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A mattress to resolve my back/leg/hip/shoulder/neck pains.

Mandy writes: Hi Pete, I have followed your blog a bit and have gathered a lot of insightful information for my current situation. I still wanted to reach out to you for a mattress recommendation.   I’m a middle aged, heavy, (200 lbs., 5’4″), pear-shaped female. I have […]

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What mattress is closest to the Simmons Beautyrest Adamsville Firm.

Michelle writes: Hi Pete, We bought a Simmons Beautyrest Adamsville firm mattress from you many years ago,  that we have loved.  It’s time for a new one – do you happen to know what mattress is closest to the Adamsville Firm? Thanks, Michelle Hi Michelle, I’m sorry to […]

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A Good Quality, Low Cost Mattress with NO Memory Foam.

Beth writes: Hi Pete, Can you help me find a good quality, low cost mattress with NO memory foam in it? Thanks, Beth Hi Beth, Indeed, I can. The Wolf Old Fashioned, Two Sided models are good quality, well made mattresses. There is NO Memory Foam in these mattresses. It’s available in […]

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Back Issues. Looking to Replace a Stearns and Foster Mattress.

Samantha writes: Hi Pete, I would love your input on my present mattress dilemma!  I really liked my mattress I purchased, some years ago, from Bloomingdales. It’s a Stearns and Foster Luxury Cushion Firm Euro Pillowtop.  I am looking to buy a new mattress to replace it, but […]

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Lower Back Problems on a Very Old Simmons Beautyrest.

Ray writes: Hi Pete, I am 73 years old, average size, sleeping on a very old Simmons Beautyrest mattress and box springs.   I don’t know how old it is, but it’s a flippable two sided mattress. I have lower back problems. I put a 3″ memory […]

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A new mattress that is inexpensive and still offers quality and great value.

Jeff writes: Hi Pete, I am looking at purchasing a new mattress that is inexpensive and still offers quality and great value.   There are many new mattresses online tested under $300 and with nice reviews.   I do not want to spend $1600 on a new […]

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Sealy Mattress for Back Pain and Fibromyalgia.

Lori writes: Hi Pete.  I loved what you wrote to this person here:  https://themattressexpert.com/2018/01/09/tempurpedic-memory-foam-mattress-for-scoliosis-and-lower-back-pain/ I, too, have chronic back pain plus fibromyalgia.  I have been in the worst pain since buying a new mattress in November 2018. It was an expensive purchase but the mattress is much […]

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A Good Quality Mattress to Relieve Back Pain from a Bulging Disc.

Kevin writes: Hi Pete, I need a new mattress to relieve my back pain from a bulging disc. I have a memory foam mattress, now, that is making matters worse. I’m living on disability and can’t afford to spend a lot of money, but need something of […]

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A Very Old Two Sided Sealy Posturepedic Mattress.

Debbie writes: Hi Pete, I have a very old two sided Sealy Posturepedic Inverness Plush Queen mattress that finally has given out. But I believe that’s no longer being manufactured. Any recommendations?   I like the firmness of my old mattress, and I flipped it for years. […]

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How soon can I get the Wolf Mattresses?

Maria writes: Hi Pete, I hope you are doing well.   You recommended the Wolf Adara mattress for my son, 3 years ago, and it is very comfortable.  The mattress was white.  I understand from the pictures that the Adara or Tulah are not made in white […]

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What is the Best Mattress for the Least Amount of Money?

Jennifer writes: Hi Pete, My husband and I have been out of work for almost a year. It does look like we’ll be getting back to work soon, as our governor has lifted all restrictions. We’ve needed a new mattress for some time, now, but haven’t had […]

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Wolf Tulah Plush Eurotop Mattress for My 11 Year Old Daughter.

Sharron writes: Hi Pete, For my 11 year old daughter, your suggestion was the Wolf Tulah Plush Eurotop mattress. https://themattressexpert.com/our-brands/wolf-mattresses/wolf-hybrid-mattress/   We haven’t decided on size yet – Queen or Full.  I see that Tulah is not available in Full. What would be your suggestion if we […]

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Two Sided Mattress with No Memory Foam.

Les writes: Hi Pete, I’m looking for a two sided mattress with no memory foam in it. A friend told me that you have such a mattress available. Can you send me the link to that mattress? Thanks, Les Hi Les, Thank your friend for me. None […]

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A Two-Sided/Flippable Sealy Posturepedic Mattress.

Ari writes: Hi Pete, I came across a post you replied to.  I, too, had a two-sided flippable Sealy Posturepedic mattress that I got in the 90’s. I had it for a long long time and ended up selling it when I moved.  I’ve pretty much been […]

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A 20 year old Two Sided Sealy Posturepedic Mattress.

Jenna writes: Hi Pete, I have a 20 year old two sided Sealy Posturepedic mattress, and can’t find anything like it.  It has lasted through so much use and it is still my favorite mattress. Can you help me find a mattress that is the same or […]

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I think I want a Wolf Two Sided mattress with a Latex Topper.

Karen writes: Hi Pete, I think I want a Wolf Two Sided mattress with a latex topper. However, I see you often recommend the Wolf Tulah, which is one sided. I’d like to read more about these products. Can you send me the links I need to make […]

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High Quality Mattress for a Very Big Man.

Frank writes: Hello Pete, Your site has been an eye-opening trove of information for me. Thank you. Within the next 45 days (flexible), I will be purchasing a new mattress and platform bed. Even after “going to school” by reading your site for a few hours, I would […]

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Replacement for a Double Sided Simmons Beautysleep Mattress.

Matt writes: Hey Pete, Thank you for explaining the finer points of replacing a mattress so nicely.   We  have a double sided Simmons Beautysleep Continental ultra mattress for the past 16 years. I just flip and rotate it every 3 months and it has been great. Time […]

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Good Quality Reasonably Priced Mattress for a Guest Bedroom.

Bill writes: Hi Pete, We need a new mattress for our guest bedroom. We want good quality, with no memory foam in it, and reasonably priced. Does such a thing even exist? Thanks Bill Hi Bill, We have just the thing…and old fashioned two sided mattress that uses an […]

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An Old Fashioned Two Sided Mattress with NO Memory Foam.

Sean writes: Hi Pete, I’m looking for an old fashioned two sided mattress with no memory foam in it. I haven’t been able to find one anywhere. A friend of mine and a customer of yours tells me you have that available. Can you, please, send me a link […]

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Mattress and Latex Topper for a 300 Lb. Man on a Budget.

John writes: Hi Pete, I have read some questions on the blog and have a question. I am a 55 year old 300 lb. man with hip issues.  My bed is old and worn out and my hips pain makes it hard to sleep through the night. […]

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