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Thank you soooo much for helping me and listening to me about my husbands arthritis of the hip episode. We received the 2″ latex soft topper and the 2 Pure Latex Bliss pillows yesterday, put the bed together and the both of us slept soundly all night. Your advice was sincerely appreciated, and you now have a customer for life!
Sincerely, Paula & Bill


The latex topper arrived yesterday evening.  My boyfriend was so disheartened before it came; as the afternoon wore off and it got later and later, he thought he would have to spend another night of torture on my extra firm mattress!  But, it arrived and we put it on the bed.  He had misgivings that it wasn’t enough…but I slept as if floating on a cloud and he admitted this morning that his hip didn’t hurt and that he had slept very, very comfortably all night.  So, another winner! Thanks so much for your help in solving our dilemma.

Barbara, from St. Louis,

Hi Pete

The bed arrived yesterday. It (combined with the latex topper you recommended) is heavenly to sleep on. We didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. The delivery guys were great. Thank you for guiding me through the mattress buying maze. We couldn’t be happier with your product, prices, delivery and service Please let me know where I can post a testimonial too! Again, best bed and topper ever! We are going to order more in the near future for our daughters. Thanks again, Ellen

I just wanted to thank you for all your advice. My Heidi luxury firm mattress and latex topper were delivered on Wednesday and it feels great! Your delivery lady and gentleman were very pleasant as well. Thanks so much! The bed is supper comfy.

 I just wanted to thank you for all your advice. My Heidi luxury firm mattress and latex topper were delivered on Wednesday and it feels great! Your delivery lady and gentleman were very pleasant as well. Thanks so much! The bed is supper comfy.


Hi Pete,

Flipped my pillow top over and added the latex topper and it has made a world of difference.  I still think I may purchase a new mattress.  We will likely take your advice and get the Stearns & Foster Heidi luxury firm that you suggest for use with the topper.Thanks again for all of your help.  I still have a hard time believing I suffered for so long.


The latex topper is great!  Thanks so much for the great advice and service. 

Hi Pete,
Got the latex topper from you and it is wonderful. I had written to you a few weeks ago and you had recommended the topper. The latex mattress Topper is, truly, a quality product. So far, so good!!
Thanks, Tracy

Hi Pete,
We got the Stearns & Foster Blisswood mattress and soft latex topper you recommended.
We slept well.I’m not sure if there is anything else that needs to be said.
Thanks, Alan & Valerie

 Dear Pete,
I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you for your patience with my requests and your EXCELLENT attention to customer service.We LOVE the new soft topper — it has made ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE in the world with the new mattress.THANK YOU!

I received the soft latex toppers from you and they were a very big hit with my daughters.
Thanks, Greg, Bedminster, NJ

Hi Pete,

I received the latex topper late yesterday and had a great night’s sleep on it. Thanks so much for your help in getting it here. Marion

Hi Pete,

For over a year I researched mattresses, finally after finding your site I purchased the Rita at Macy’s and bought the latex topper from you. I have now been sleeping on this for 2 months and love the combination! I then purchased a topper for my sailboat, now I am waking up without pain and sleeping through the night! Thank you for you down to earth straight forward advice! Susan

Hi Peter!

Well, I was like an expectant mother the first night my mother was sleeping on her mattresses with the new latex topper you suggested…. I actually couldn’t sleep and got up several times to just stand by her bed and watch her.  This just shows you how very distressed I have been about her health, pain, sciatica, herniated disc and so on.

In the morning, she actually cried and held my hand.  She said her pain had gone from a 50 to a 3 !!!   She told me that except for the dog I got her 4 years ago there has never been anything better I have ever given her in her life! She also said that she usually gets up 8 times a night and turns over 20+ times a night – but now she only gets up (and easily!!!) 3 times a night, goes right back to sleep and never moves around in between. This latex topper is an answer to my prayers for her. I am so grateful you cannot imagine – then again, you most likely do imagine and know exactly what I am talking about.

ANY mattress would have been an improvement over the nightmare she was sleeping on – that is true – but I am convinced that the latex topper is the comfort she needs and will have long term as well as immediate benefits. I sincerely believe that I could not have a better mattress for my mother.

And, Peter, I have told so many people about your latex toppers, that I will be disappointed if you do not get more sales from my referrals!

We purchased a S&F king mattress (memory foam free) from you with the latex topper and it was everything you promised. We were concerned about ordering something sight unseen but with your help and descriptions, we ordered and received the orders as you said and have been very happy! We have changed mattresses 4 times in the last 8 years because of overheating and sweating issues as well as smells and discomfort with the kind of foam in the surface of the others. We are happy and comfortable with this mattress and topper. (By the way the latex top has no smell at all) Thank you! We recommend you! And We Thank You!


Dear Peter,

Just wanted you to know I’ve been sleeping on the latex topper & love it! At first it was firmer than I expected, but then I realized I wasn’t waking up sore anymore. Thank you so much for your patience and kindness—any time mattresses come up in conversation I tell anyone who will listen about you and your great products & service.

Thanks again— Blessings, Leslie

Hi Pete,

Got the topper, hooray!! Wrestled it like a big bear to get it on there, you weren’t kidding!! ha ha

Last night felt good on my back, I can’t wait for a few more nights to relax into my bed (my 7 year old daughter and I have now dubbed it ‘The Marshmallow’). No back pain last night, so far so good!! 

Hi Peter,

Bed and latex topper feel awesome. Thanks, Joe


Hi Pete,

I received the topper. I think it solved the problem. My bed is much more comfortable but still provides that good ultra firm support. Glad I didn’t need a new mattress after all.

Thank you, Matt 


Dear Peter,

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! It has been 2 nights now that we have used the topper and what a difference.  My husband has finely found comfort for his hip and my back is no longer hurting. We have had 2 nights of sound sleep and I cannot thank you enough..wonderful product!



Hi Peter,

I’ve waited a few days to write to you because I wanted to give our latex topper at least a week of test sleeping. I’ve been painting in the house this week and I knew I’d be sore from all the bending and reaching, so I wanted to wait for that soreness to pass before I made a judgment on how the bed feels. Now that I’m back to my regular routine, it seems fair to assess the mattress/topper. I am definitely sleeping better now than I was with the new too-firm mattress. There is a little bit of “sinking in” feeling when I first get into bed and get situated to read or watch tv, but it’s all good – we are both sleeping very comfortably and I have no back soreness in the morning. So thank you for all of your help! I know you said the mattress we bought should last just short of forever, and I’m assuming the topper will retain it’s ability to bounce back for a good long time, too. Thank you again – your speedy and consistent response is the reason we purchased from you. 

Thanks so much! Anna 


Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for helping me decide what to do about my mattress!  The latex topper you recommended works great and I love it!!!  Your instructions of how to open the box were really helpful and everything was so easy.  I am now wondering if I will be able to sleep anywhere other then in my own bed from now on. Thank you again for all your help. Doris



I slept like a baby last night.  I can not believe what a huge difference this makes.  I think this is the first time in 7 years I have not had hip pain when I stepped out of bed.  Can I expect this to stay the same or will it change in a couple months and not be as effective.  I actually slept 4 full hours without having to set up on the side of the bed for 30 mins for my hip to quit hurting.  I am usually up every 2 hours for 30 mins., so getting 4 full hours of sleep at a time was a real blessing for me and then to go back to sleep for another 4 hours was delightful.  Thank you so much I will touch base with you in a week or so and let you know how it is going.




I think it has been 2 weeks since I got my latex toppers and I can not believe the difference it makes. I am actually patching together 5 and 6 hours of sleep at a time.  I am sleeping so well that I am getting up at 8:00 in the morning which I have not done in a couple of years.  I am dreaming…because I am sleeping long enough to get into a deep sleep.  My body is not hurting at all.  I am so happy about these toppers they were worth every penny.  It is one thing to be in bed for 12 hours resting and quite another thing to be in bed and actually sleep 12 hours.  I sink into that mattress at night and relax because I know I am not going to wake up in 1 1/2 hours hurting so bad I have to set on the side of the bed for an hour.  I have been sleeping 5-6 hours getting up going to restroom and going right back to bed and right back to sleep for another 5-6 hours…AMAZING! 

Peter, never under estimate what you do.  God created our bodies to heal themselves but in order to heal the body needs good nutrition, proper medications if needed, water, and the right amount of sleep.  If you can not get the sleep you need, then the body does not heal.  I was constantly just worn out.  It only took 2 nights and I could tell that all the work I have done in the last year was working.  I may never meet you but I sure do appreciate your knowledge and ability to determine exactly what I needed to get a good nights sleep.  My energy level has quadrupled. 

Thank you again, Cindy