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Natura Kidz Mattress

Natura Kidz

Enviro-friendly mattresses for natural healthy sleep

Organic Toddler Pillow

Organic Wool Pillow
• Certified 100% organic wool
• Certified 100% organic Pima Cotton Satten
• Dimensions: 11.5″ x 15″
• Ideal first pillow for youngsters

Care Instructions: Do not wash. Do not dry.
Vacuum, turn and air out periodically.


Kids Standard Size 49.99

Kidz Sunshine Pillow

Kidz Sunshine Pillow
Lull your child to dreamland with the soft, supple comfort of a Sunshine Pillow. A hypoallergenic, alternative to a feather pillow, you’ll rest easy too.
Let your child enjoy the feel of feathers and down but skip the allergens with the Sunshine Pillow. The granulated Talalay latex core of this pillow is 300% more resistant to dust mites and other allergens, protecting your child from nighttime respiratory attacks and morning sniffles. What’s more, your child can squish, cuddle and curl up with this pillow and it won’t pack down. Covered in dual-sided fabric of unbleached cotton twill and comfy terry cotton, your child can choose the happiest path to dreamland.


Kids Standard 59.99

 ModelTwin FullQueen
natura_mattress_kidz_moonlightSandman Kidz Mattress$499.99$649.99$699.99
natura_mattress_kidz_moonbeam-535x500Sleepy Time Kidz Mattress$649.99$799.99$899.00
natura_mattress_kidz_sunshine-535x500Rise n' Shine Kidz Mattress$1,119.99$1,349.99$1,549.99
natura_mattress_kidz_organicstarlight-535x500Certified Luxury Organic Kidz Mattress$1499.99$1799.99$1999.99
Natura Kidz Mattress 01/29/2015


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