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Natura Kidz Mattress

Natura Kidz

Enviro-friendly mattresses for natural healthy sleep

Organic Toddler Pillow

Organic Wool Pillow
• Certified 100% organic wool
• Certified 100% organic Pima Cotton Satten
• Dimensions: 11.5″ x 15″
• Ideal first pillow for youngsters

Care Instructions: Do not wash. Do not dry.
Vacuum, turn and air out periodically.


Kids Standard Size 49.99

 ModelTwin FullQueen
natura_mattress_kidz_moonlightSandman Kidz Mattress$499.99$649.99$699.99
natura_mattress_kidz_moonbeam-535x500Sleepy Time Kidz Mattress$649.99$799.99$899.00
natura_mattress_kidz_sunshine-535x500Rise n' Shine Kidz Mattress$1,119.99$1,349.99$1,549.99
natura_mattress_kidz_organicstarlight-535x500Certified Luxury Organic Kidz Mattress$1499.99$1799.99$1999.99
Natura Kidz Mattress 01/29/2015


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