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Natura Latex Pillows

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Our healthy alternative to traditional and synthetic fills, latex pillows are resilient and totally moldable.

Aloe Infused Latex Pillow

Refresh your radiant glow with the Aloe Dream Mate Pillow. Naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, the soothing feather-down feel alleviates stress while the aloe-enriched cover tends to delicate facial skin.

The Dream Mate Pillow delivers a boost of nourishment and more than a little TLC for tender skin on your face and neck. The delectably squishable, granulated latex fill of this aloe latex pillow provides a feather-down feel in a hypoallergenic pillow. Bye-bye under-eye puffiness and late-night sniffles. A plush NaturaWool™ lining maintains temperature control to keep your pillow fresh and invite relaxation.Covered in a luxurious, aloe-enriched cover, it releases a gentle stream of soothing aloe nutrients to tend to your delicate facial skin. Ready to get your glow on?

Product Size Price
Standard $73.00
Queen $81.00
King $97.00


Lavender Latex Pillow

Imagine fragrant fields and greener pastures with the Lavender Pillow. A dual sided core and lavender enriched cover provide a sweet night’s sleep in a fresh, aromatic bed. Sound scrumptious?

The Lavender Pillow entices you to a deep and blissful night’s rest. This dual-sided, naturally hypoallergenic pillow features a granulated latex side for a scrumptious, feather-down feel and a solid latex side to provide extra support for shoulder and neck muscles. The moisture wicking ability of the plush NaturaWool™ lining keeps your pillow fresh and dry while you sleep. The Aromatic- infused cover fabric and removable, dried-lavender sachet of this plush latex pillow will ease tension and encourage sleep with the soothing essential oils commonly used to used to treat insomnia. Take the romantic route to health and vitality, c’est bon!

Product Size Price
Standard $121.00
Queen $133.00
King $157.00

All-Natural Granulated Latex/Down Pillow

Cradle yourself in a nest of cotton and latex with the Dream Pillow. This feather-down style pillow invites hugging, cuddling and drifting to healthier, more restorative dreams.

The Dream Pillow provides a satisfying nest of health and comfort. The all-natural latex core is 300% more resistant to dust-mites and other allergens than other foams – a dream come true for allergy and asthma sufferers. Plump and malleable, this squishable, twistable, tuck-able all natural latex pillow demands cuddling with the luxurious a feather-down style feel. Fresh and soft against skin, the unbleached, 100% cotton cover does its part to keep you comfy and cool while you sleep. Sound good to you?

Product Size Price
Standard $86.00
Queen $96.00
King $116.00

 Ideal All-Natural Latex

Enhance your comfort regime with the Ultimate Latex Pillow. This hypoallergenic cuddle buddy provides springy support that won’t pack down, so you can say goodbye to neck and back tension and hello to improved vitality.

The Ultimate Latex Pillow brushes up the comfort in your boudoir. Ease away neck and back tension with the springy support of a solid Talalay latex core, while you enjoy it’s hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial advantages. This natural foam latex pillow has a cozy NaturaWool™ lining that regulates temperature and wicks away moisture so your pillow stays dry and cool during the night. With a velvety-soft, removable, terry cotton cover to keep it fresh and ensure easy hygiene, you’ll find deeper, more restful nights.

Product Size Price
Standard $119.00
Queen $139.00
King $169.00

Extraordinaire All-Natural Latex Pillow

Nurture your health and vitality with the Exquisite Pillow. This fresh, allergen free bit of scrumptious relieves the stress and tension in your neck and shoulders for a deliciously deep night’s rest. Rejuvenation couldn’t be easier.

The Exquisite Latex Pillow eases away the stress and tension of your day with springy comfort that won’t pack down. This natural  latex pillow has a solid core that gently supports neck and back muscles while promising anti-microbial, allergen free, breathing room.  Soft, fleecy removable cover for easy washing– you’ll love the renewed vitality after a great night’s rest.

Product Size Price
Standard $114.00
Queen $125.00
King $150.00


Kidz Sunshine Pillow

Lull your child to dreamland with the soft, supple comfort of a Sunshine Pillow. A hypoallergenic, alternative to a feather pillow, you’ll rest easy too.

NaturaLogo_Kidz_Engl_FlatLet your child enjoy the feel of feathers and down but skip the allergens with the Sunshine Pillow. The granulated Talalay latex core of this pillow is 300% more resistant to dust mites and other allergens, protecting your child from nighttime respiratory attacks and morning sniffles. What’s more, your child can squish, cuddle and curl up with this pillow and it won’t pack down. Covered in dual-sided fabric of unbleached cotton twill and comfy terry cotton, your child can choose the happiest path to dreamland.

SKU Product Size Price
423EG2 Standard 59.99


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